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Storm and Stress Posts

A matter of exhaling

“Restarting” is preceded by a halt of some sorts.

A few weeks ago, TBWA\SMP and T3 launched “Ingat, Angat:” an initiative that sought to bring many brands in the country to rebuild consumer trust, and restart the economy. It’s not every day that you see competing brands work together to create a compelling—and inspirational—message to get people moving again to restart the economy, nevermind the conditions of the New/Next/Better Normal. And as is expected of ads with this message, the production values are ripe for awards and recognition, too.

I certainly am not going to be the guy who would critique the work of another agency, much less brands: that would be completely out of place for me. But if anything, this ad makes me think (albeit belatedly) about a few things about where we are now, seven—going on eight—months of lockdown.

Despite that encouraging tone to get us all back to help restart this nation, there’s that disconsolate, unsettling feeling as one exhales.

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