About Me

Hello. My name is Marck Rimorin.

I used to maintain a blog called The Marocharim Experiment. Somewhere along the line, lots of things happened that caused the entire thing to be nuked, so for the most part you’ll see most of it on archives). And for a very long time, I just dropped off the “blogosphere” and let the whole idea die a natural death. After all, life takes over.

And now I’m back. For good, hopefully.

I was blogging since the early 2000s: mostly around politics, current events, and culture (enough to draw the attention of things like newspapers and TV and the BBC back then), and some awards and fellowships here and there (like the Philippine Blog Awards, and the Silliman National Writers Workshop). I started slowing down at around the 2010s, and pretty much fell into radio silence over the past five years. I also used to write for places like Esquire Philippines and Spot.PH, until life and a lot of other things took over.

And just as a disclaimer: all posts here are personal.

My Internet alias is @marocharim, so if you need to find me on Twitter or Instagram or something, there’s that. Or you can drop me a message or something here.