About Me

12049519_10207879154674446_595379448334509817_nHi, I’m Marck Ronald Rimorin.

I’m a lot of things; most of which happen in the dead of night. By day, I work in an advertising agency, delving on the planning side of things. At night and on weekends, I am a meantime writer, translator, book collector, origami enthusiast, cake fiend, pro wrestling mark, gamer… and so on.

I’ve been blogging for over a decade now (you might consider me a “dinosaur” of sorts). Most people who have read my blog over the years would generally call me a “political blogger.” Along those lines: I won the 2009 Philippine Blog Award for Best Commentary Blog.

However, I also explore other things like food, travel, books, entertainment, and I occasionally translate pop song lyrics. I have a bit of “literary cred” as a fellow for Creative Nonfiction in the Silliman University National Writers’ Workshop, but that was ages ago before work—and life, among other things—took over.

I don’t do brand PR or cover events or anything: most of the things in my blog are what people would consider “longform,” mostly because I find it easier to write a longer piece than a short one. For the most part, my blog is writing practice for public consumption. You may also read some of my writing every now and then on magazines (both online and offline).

Also: I love bookstores, jazz (not the smooth kind), owls, and spray cheese (it seems random, but in that particular order). The Sorting Hat places me in Ravenclaw House, although I much prefer hanging out in House Atreides. Or Lothlorien, whichever comes first.