About Me

I’m Marck Ronald Rimorin. The alias is my full name, truncated to its first few letters. It’s the name I usually go by ’round the Internet. Otherwise people call me “Marck.” Or “Maro.” But never—ever—”Ronald.”

I’ve been blogging since the 2000s, mostly around politics and current events and such. Enough for newspapers and awards and the BBC to start calling, and awards here and there. But somewhere down the line—around the 2010s or so—I kind of slowed down, and the posts came rather infrequently, until silence pretty much took over. I still write from time to time, but these days in a more measured pace.

By day, I work for one of the Philippines’ largest advertising agencies; mostly along the lines of strategic planning, analytics, and insight. Every now and then, you may catch my bylines in some publications—digital or dead trees—mostly for Esquire Philippines and Spot dot PH. Along the lines of blogging, this site won the 2009 Philippine Blog Awards for Best Commentary Blog. I was also a fellow for Creative Nonfiction at the Silliman University National Writers’ Workshop, but that was before life—and many other things that eat up on free time—took over.

I’m not a big fan of influencer-y things like advertorials or paid posts or ad space: I don’t do them. I’m also a big fan of pro wrestling, books, and video games. Drop me a line on Twitter, or use this contact form. I look forward to hearing from you.