Firework. Katy Perry. Translated.

Well, it’s been a long time since I translated lyrics.  Here goes: Nadarama mo bang, ikaw ay plastik bag Palutang-lutang lang Kung san dalhin ng hangin Nadarama mo ba, na para kang papel Parang baraha lang Guguho sa dagil Alam mo ba na may pag-asa pa sa iyo Dahil may siklab sa iyo Sindihan mo…

Obligatory LSS Lyrics Translations

Here in The Marocharim Experiment, the only way to get rid of a last song syndrome is to translate it.  All too often, lyrics translations qualify under: Songs people don’t like; Songs people like, and; Songs that are just plain translate-able.

Lyrics Translations of Awesome Badness

I’d like to dignify an irrelevant, asinine comment by a Presidential candidate with regard to another Presidential candidate’s state of mental health… with lyrics translations. THAT’S how relevant it is to me.

More Translations of Poems

I was aboard the train a few days ago when I saw the familiar verses of Luis de Gongora’s poem translated in Filipino.  Longfellow translated the first lines of “Andeme yo caliente” in this manner: Let me go warm and merry still; And let the world laugh, an’ it will. Let other muse on earthly…