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Typing Monkeys

   Part of the “online folklore” of Original TMX were the “typing monkeys.”  There was this old Hanna-Barbera cartoon where monkeys in front of typewriters were writing the greatest novel in the world, and were paid their wages in bananas.  The “typing monkeys” were just like that: I didn’t write my own entries.  Instead, I

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   It’s easy to get around a problem surrounding the lack of your favorite cigarette: you look for a substitute.  In the absence of Marlboro Lights, there’s always Winston Lights or Marlboro Reds.  The same is true when it comes to drinking… or is it?    Two summers ago, when I spent the summer term

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Mixed Reactions

   In the real world, I’ve been getting some mixed reactions on my recent move to my own web domain and shifting blogging platforms from BlogDrive to WordPress.  The first impression of almost every reader is the color scheme: in Original TMX, some readers threw online fits when I changed background colors from black to

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