Rainbow Hat

I don’t know if your mid-twenties should classify you as “old,” but I like to think I’m a hodgepodge of obsolesence and idiosyncrasy in fashion.  Black shirts weren’t as cool as they were when I was younger.  Nobody wears jackets in the oppressive heat of Manila.  Button-down jeans are so last century.  High-topped Chucks and boots are pretty much passé.  Long hair is a vestige of a bygone era: these days, it’s no longer fashionable because it’s perfectly acceptable.  Heck, I needed to ask a friend if the frames of my new glasses are more… well, “cosmo.” Yet colorful trucker hats that are carefully balanced on top of your head aren’t.  Every offensive class-related slur can cross your mind, until you realize that almost every young man is wearing one of these hats.  It’s the “in” thing, so much so that I don’t know if it’s “gangstah” or “Rastah.” Like everything involving fashion and the latest trends in headwear, I don’t get it.  Maybe I don’t even have to get it.

Happy Birthday, Wikipedia

Wikipedia turns nine years old today; it first went online on January 15, 2001. Yes, our favorite free online encyclopedia shares the same birthday as Butch Dalisay, Mario Van Peebles, Martin Luther King, Jr., Shane McMahon, and Molière.  Wikipedia shares the same anniversary day as Coca-Cola, basketball, and the Boston Molasses Disaster.  Wikipedia was born on the January day when The Black Dahlia was murdered, and the good people of Malawi celebrate the heroism of John Chilembwe.  All that information, of course, is from Wikipedia itself, including the fact that Brad Renfro – star of Apt Pupil and American Girl – died a couple of years ago from a drug overdose.  The first-ever Super Bowl was played in January 15, 1967.  For F4 fans, today is also the 31st birthday of Ken Chu, also known as Xi Men (yep, that was his name) in the hit Taiwanese soap, Meteor Garden. Ah, Wikipedia.  Awesomeness in a bookmark.

Win Marocharim's Notebook… And Random Stuff Thrown In

Hi! I’ll be taking a blog break really soon, because there are a lot of things for me to do (good heavens, I’m sounding like an awfully nice guy).  Yet I don’t want to leave you just yet without spreading a bit of Christmas cheer to whoever reads my blog. As some of you know, I love writing stuff.  As a simple way of thanking my loyal readers (if I have them), I’m giving away a notebook. Yup, a black notebook finished in cool leather and Spanish paper made by Schützen.  I’ll also throw in some stuff at random… hmmm, a Marocharim.com T-shirt?  A fresh banana?  Plushie?  Again, what I’m throwing in is completely random. I know it’s a simple Christmas gift, but I hope that you, my friends and readers, can find it the wonderful gift of expressing yourself through words this Holiday season. To win a wonderful gift for writing, you’ll have to do something for me.

Mediation, Interaction, Cyberdemon

Ernesto Kelly Magtoto wrote a letter to the Philippine Daily Inquirer, where he alleges that the “Gestapo-like” Internet(s) has made our relationships with other people unnatural.  Apparently, we young people are becoming “aggressively mechanical and error-prone in their humanity.”  Mr. Magtoto seems to be railing against the Internet and computers in general; the kind of healthy paranoia that comes with them heathen computers and how much of a threat they are to traditional values. Yep, them computing machines are ready to destroy not only our way of life, but life itself.  Didn’t we all get along before these ridiculous things like “Facebook” and “Twitter?”  Them blogs are destroying the world, and we’re starting to “add” friends instead of “making” them.  “Gestapo-like” Internet?  I don’t think so; if there’s anything to fear, it would be the big horned demons carrying big guns and wiping the heck out of human existence as we know it.  Following Mr. Magtoto’s logic, we are, well, doomed; we all live under a veneer of hypocrisy, we are never “real” as “real” can be, our friendships are distorted, and these “maeler daemons” have now judged “what is proper and improper.” Hmmm… LOL?

In Memory of Geocities

In loving memory of that site that many of us grew to love, I’m writing the rest of this post in scrolling marquee text in three fonts, with various color schemes.  – Marocharim Ah, Geocities.  Truly one-of-a-kind during its time… I remember those days when I fiddled around with frames, fonts, and yes, scrolling marquee.  I was all but 14, maybe 15 years old, playing around with HTML codes that were still a bit distant to me.  Your legacy lives on, in the form of those shiny glittery glowing CSS backgrounds everyone used in Friendster and Multiply. Geocities made things so much simple back then. Before the days of WYSIWYG editors and WordPress, Geocities – and Notepad or Microsoft FrontPage or whatever – was all we had to conquer this Brave New World called the personal homepage. Good times, before “blogging” became the buzzword. Geocities was our world – our apple – and we ate through its core. In the moment that you’re reading this – or you’re trying to read this – you probably think that you wouldn’t have wanted to live in a time of 56 KBPS or Windows 95. You probably would be laughing out loud at the prospect of having little to no ads at all, or having to start writing everything with enclosed brackets. It’s nice to see the Internet grow, but like everything else, sometimes you just have to let them go. And yet that’s what makes it all worthwhile… the passage of time…

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Roughly Translated

I write and speak in four languages: English, Tagalog, sward (I passively learned it in college), and tXtsT1cKyCaPz (all I had to do was to die and go to Hell). Click on the picture for a larger image. Yes, I have taken it upon myself to translate communication patterns of bipedal amoeba who happen to walk erect… and it’s only because I can.

Now Food-Blogging at Maro Munchies

I love food.  I don’t necessarily like cooking – heck, I can’t cook – but I like eating.  I like writing about food, too.  There’s nothing like the challenge of putting words to something as abstract as flavor, and something as subjective as taste.  So I decided to put up a food blog: Maro Munchies. Before you get any ideas on what “munchies” are, lemme explain.  While I’ve written about food many times before, food is the most challenging topic anyone can write about.  I like giving myself a few challenges every now and then, so Maro Munchies was born.

Saving… Face

Once upon a time there lived an ugly duckling named Marocharim… no wait, that’s not right… I always say that if it’s on the Internet, it must be true.  Save for lapses in grammar (“did” = simple past tense, “showed” = simple past tense, proper usage is “the winner did not even show his face,” I’m just saying).

Random Bullet-Points

I hate writing in bullet-points, but sometimes, bullet-points are all you need. Like anyone else, like my friends, for example, I don’t appreciate people taking my picture – specifically my picture – in public, without my knowledge or my permission.  Unless, of course, I find artistic value in a picture like that (like spreading a message, for example). While there are many ways to get attention for your blog, the best way to gain that attention so craved is to write really well; to do no harm to others, to live honorably, and to give everyone their due.  Once you got that covered, only then can you gain some measure of respect and credence wherever you go.  Those are things you can only sustain by doing no harm to others, live with honor, and give everyone their due. Imma have more but Imma let myself finish now, but sometimes people need to chew on bullet-points every once in a while.