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Jumping the Tombs

by Marck on October 31, 2014

For me, memorial parks are more like golf courses: manicured lawns, sprinklers, the reception area with marble floors and columns. The memorial park is like a slice of white-picket-fences America, lined with stunted and balding alder trees to give the burial grounds (…)

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Making Skater Heaven

by Marck on May 31, 2014

I’m not being a grumpy old man about skateboarding. It’s just that they need a place. I’m a fan of skateboarding: I watch the X-Games, I used to play the Tony Hawk Pro Skater series, and the history of skateboarding (…)

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A #Laboracay Rant

by Marck on May 1, 2014

Carlos Maningat writes: “By bragging their #Laboracay escapade, they are also flaunting their skimpy ignorance of what Labor Day really is – which is about the massacre of protesting workers who asserted the eight-hour workday and other rights at work (…)

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The Turkey and I

by Marck on November 30, 2013

Besides the family dog, the first pet that I truly had was the turkey. I was about eight when Dad and my uncle bought a couple of turkeys home.  For some reason, I took to feeding the turkey not as (…)

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