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Political Cabbages

   In an Inquirer report, Lakas-CMD spokesperson Raul Lambino named four people among a short list of 30 names to represent the party in the 2010 national elections.  One’s Sen. Ramon “Bong” Revilla, Jr.: the star of “Resiklo” who tries to pass himself off as the action-hero version of Nobel laureate Al Gore.  Then there’s Sen. Lito Lapid,

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   “Wasting taxpayer money” is a nuanced expression.  UP students like myself who overstayed their welcome in the premier state university of the country “waste taxpayer money.”  You can invent a problem out of “traffic congestion” and create a flyover to “address the issue.”  You can use surplus funds from the previous fiscal year to

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Painting By Numbers

   A recent Pulse Asia survey shows that Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo is the most corrupt President in the Philippines, followed by Ferdinand Marcos in the #2 slot and Joseph Estrada in the #3 position.  This is no survey that you would like to jockey a top spot for.    But wait: should we make a big

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