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In Memory, Ding Gagelonia

When we write, we are called to something higher than making opinions or insights; we are asked to be chroniclers of history.  Whether we’re journalists, bloggers, PR practicioners, advertisers, or just people with a pen in hand, we add to the tome of history whenever we write.  We are outlived by the text; in a

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My grandmother always enjoyed oranges.  Her room smelled like orange peelings, the segments of dried-out fruit littered the wide plastic table that was her nightstand.  As long as her arthritic hands were willing to, she always peeled her oranges herself.  She dug her aged thumbnail into the center of the fruit as she peeled off

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Wall Boy

A size-36 waistline and a beer belly should be enough reason for anyone – yes, including myself – to take up a sport. Fritz and Eloisa suggested wall-climbing, which me and my girlfriend Jam were more than eager to take.  She’s much more fit than I am (if you take up vice, you’re anything but

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