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2015: The Reading List

Making this year’s reading list was a bit tough, if only because our reading lives somehow mirror our real lives. So many things have happened this year that, once again, hitting the books became necessary to cope up with the mad plot lines of the real world. This year yielded around 83 books, and choosing

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Invisible Hand

“Economics,” from what we were told and taught, comes from the Greek word oikonomia: “to manage a house.”  For a class as big as ours in fourth year high school, to manage a house of learning was no easy feat.  I would guess that it would be all the more difficult if you taught introductory economics. Demand

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For Every Mother

This is for every mother this coming Mother’s Day. You see her leave the house not to socialize or party, or to bask under the gleam of flash bulbs and spotlights.  You see her leaving the house for a trip to the grocery store or the market, haggling the cost of a kilo of pork,

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