A (Brutal) Translation of Pope Francis’s Homily

by Marck on January 17, 2015

Pope Francis’s homily is erudite, beautiful, and meaningful. Which means – at least in the context of everything that happens in this space – it should be translated. Digression: I like Pope Francis. I’ll probably earn the ire of traditionalist Catholics for this, (…)

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by Marck on December 30, 2014

Three hundred sixty days ago, if you told me I’d be riding a zipline, I would have laughed. I would have just told you that things like that will happen in the next lifetime, or an alternate universe. I would (…)

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X-List: A Year of Magical Reading

by Marck on December 10, 2014

I think it was Stephen King who once wrote: “Books are a uniquely portable magic.” This year, I made a commitment with myself to read, and to read furiously. Reading – plus a reinvigorated passion at work, a rekindled interest (…)

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Jumping the Tombs

by Marck on October 31, 2014

For me, memorial parks are more like golf courses: manicured lawns, sprinklers, the reception area with marble floors and columns. The memorial park is like a slice of white-picket-fences America, lined with stunted and balding alder trees to give the burial grounds (…)

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