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On so many different occasions, this blog has been host to a lot of (undeserved and unnecessary) posts that have maligned the profession of dentistry, just because I have more than my own fair share of tooth problems.

Like here, here, here, and here.

My dislike for dentists bit me back in so many ways: abscessed molars, dental caries, extractions, impacted tooth removal, advanced prophylaxis, root canals, braces, caps, veneer, and everything else short of dentures.  I’ve called dentists everything from “holy mouth-men,” referencing them in some deep circle of Dante’s hell, and everything else in between.

Make no mistake about it: I hate dentists.  I do not deserve to own teeth.

Could a visit to some different sort of dentist change my mind?  Hmmm…

Meet Dr. Karla Domingo.

(That’s Ade, Dr. Karla, and myself.  Hola, Cebu Blog Campers!)

Now before you say that Dr. Karla’s looks were enough to make me like dentists, let me explain.  Having my teeth attended to by an older generation of dental professionals sort of created this caricature of dentists for me: the lot of them being heavy-handed, distant people who liked to scrape your teeth with very sharp hooks, prescribe very stiff toothbrushes, and give you obfuscated, long-winded, 30-minute lectures on the importance of brushing technique and the evils of sugar.

With less of the “Girl: Interrupted” vibe to it, K Dental Studio featured a recovery room, a spacious clinic space, and a giant flat-screen TV.  It seems that in this clinic, Dr. Karla wants you to go to the dentist more frequently: if you want your teeth taken care of well, the good folks at this dental studio will take care of you.  Such is her philosophy of “Tao of Tooth:” long-term, personalized dental care beyond the steel-wool-on-sticks from the last few dentists I’ve had done business with.  Plus, she works with a very light hand, but takes a very professional approach to the whole process.

While one visit would definitely not change my (unfair and unbalanced) negative opinions about a vocation and profession that has made a good living out of my pathetic excuses for teeth, I think Dr. Karla is on to something here: by making dental care more appealing as a part of living and less of a chore that can be postponed until the next toothache, there’s definitely room for another appointment.

Here are some pictures:

(This is me filling up a form.  Note my really bad posture.)

(Dr. Karla about to count my dental caries.)

(Camera always blurs whenever I attempt to smile.)

(Me and Ade eating pizza.  If anyone asks me if I gained weight, now you know.)

K Dental Studio’s website

K Dental Studio’s Facebook page

(Disclaimer: I’m writing this post at the behest of a friend.)

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