Let There Be Rock

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Go to gigs.  Buy original records.  Jam with your friends.  Listen.  Support rock.

They say that we’re running out of people to put in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.  Some people say we can’t agree on what “rock music” is.  Today, the last bastion of rock on the airwaves is closing down.  What with all the revivals, bubblegum pop, dance and techno tunes from the very depths of auditory purgatory.  Maybe we’ll be stuck with faces and not music.  For the meantime, we’ll be stuck with singles and hits, and not legacies and discographies.

Maybe that song is right: rock is deader than dead.

Rock doesn’t have to die.

Rock doesn’t have to die just because NU 107 is closing down, or just because the airwaves will be chock-full of every one-hit wonder with the same beats and lyrics.  We’re all faced with the realities of money, sales, and marketing that all bands, artists, and radio stations will have to face eventually.  It’s like Les Paul introducing electric, or the silence when Kurt Cobain died, or how Pinoy rock was never the same since Teddy Diaz played his last chords.  Change hurts, and those of us who grew up and warmed up to FM radio will only have to take that in.

As Bob Dylan once sang, “The times, they are a-changin’.”  That doesn’t mean, though, that change will leave rock forgotten.

Rock doesn’t have to play the coda with NU 107.  Go to gigs: look up concerts and sessions on Facebook.  Make a commitment to watch a rock concert once a month whenever you can, whether it’s an unplugged set at a small bar or a full-blown performance at a stadium.  Buy original records: support local artists by buying their CDs, and resist the urge to download songs if you can pay for them.  Convince your bandmates and friends to record a few CDs to sell during their gigs.  Jam with your friends: make good use of your time playing good songs.  Dust off the old songbooks and songhits and play rock songs.  Listen: expand your tastes in music, but keep rock close to your heart.

An entire generation was built on rock music.  The lights, the sounds, the drums, the guitar.  Rock defines lives, rock makes many a pastime worthwhile.  Rock inspires.  The songs played on a little rockin’ radio station explained our generation’s hopes as clearly and vividly as our angst.  Music breathes spirit and soul into our lives; and while we can’t breathe life into that radio station to breathe fire upon the baby-baby-ooohhs and the tugs-tugs of so-called “radio stations for the masses,” suffice to say that the task falls unto us.

Let there be rock.

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    • jam
    • November 8, 2010

    That said, let’s go to a gig this week 😉 I miss the scene

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