Laws of Online Memetics

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Law of Memetic Inertia

If the sum of all forces acting upon a subject is zero, then the trajectory of thought of that subject is constant.

A subject at rest will move towards a bias when force acts upon it.

All forces on the Internet are biased.  There is no objective solution.

Law of Accelerated Opinion

A subject subjected to a force accelerates towards opinions that have the same direction and trajectory as the opinion.

The magnitude of the acceleration of the subject’s opinion is directly proportional to the mass, and inversely proportional to the force applied on it.

Opinion does not need an issue in order to be formed and accelerated.

Law of Non-Commensurate Overreaction

For every action offline or online (or lack thereof), there is an unequal and non-commensurate reaction online.

The mutual actions of two subjects acting upon each other are dependent on supporters, followers, gall, and the amount of time a subject is willing to spend online to defend the non-commensurate overreaction.

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