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Sun-damaged hair left me with a rather itchy scalp the past few weeks, which made me rethink the whole idea of shampoo.

I was rather surprised to see the phrase “co-creation” used by Sunsilk in their new lines of shampoo.  I always understood “co-creation” in terms of marketing strategy and buzzword bingo: that customers and manufacturers/service providers create value and innovation through interfacing.  Sunsilk’s shampoos are co-created by Unilever and a host of hair care specialists.  That’s great and all, but what about us?

I watched the new Pantene ad featuring Hannah and Jane, but dealing with my hair is a different thing.  See, I use four different brands of shampoo, two different brands of conditioner, one brand of leave-on conditioner, and save for that, gel and mousse do not touch my hair.  I do not use those combs with metal rollers as much as possible (although for the meantime, I use one LOL), because they damage hair like nobody’s business.

Then again I’ve always been at a crossroads when it comes to shampoo and conditioner (I don’t use all-in-one shampoo and conditioner).  Somehow, I feel the need to co-create. Here’s to hoping that shampoo makers listen up, and listen good.Here’s a list of things I expect from a Maro Co-Creation Shampoo:

1.  Scent. Many shampoos turn me off because of a very strong fruity, if not flowery, scent in them.  The lingering scent of “nature-scented” shampoos, mixed with sweat, weather, and airborne toxins, is not only ineffective, but I theorize that the perfume ingredients also cause irritation.  Since I don’t like the gimmicky mentholated treatments either, I prefer my hair smelling clean.  Not fruity, not flowery, not minty: just clean.

2.  Weather damage control and repair. There’s Sun damage repair that almost every damage-control shampoo has, but there’s also wind damage.  There’s damage from rain.  There’s damage from every pollutant in the urban environment.  I want a barrier from weather and damage-causing particulate pollutants, in a shampoo and conditioner treatment.

3.  Revitalize and replenish dark hair. The lot of shampoos have a lot to do with the color of your hair.  I like “neutral” shampoos, but dark hair almost always looked better with the use of tar shampoo.  Tar shampoo can irritate the scalp, but these big guns are excellent at treating dandruff and keeping that black sheen and shine in all types of black hair.  The effective dandruff control and shine that you can only get from tar shampoo – minus the irritation – is something I’d like from a co-created shampoo.

4.  Deep follicle nourishment. Shampoo is hair cleaner, and conditioner is hair food. Deep-follicle nourishment does not only mean cleansing and conditioning from root to tip, but treatment to the very core of the hair.  I know that jojoba and aloe contain the vitamins needed to replenish keratin, and gugo bark can clean hair very well, but hair also needs mineral nourishment and deep cleansing and conditioning to keep hair full, strong, and shiny.

5.  Body and movement. All that must be bundled by how your hair looks.  Bounce, sway, and volume can only be achieved by clean and healthy hair that does not fall, break, or scale.

Those are just some of the things I expect from co-created shampoo.  More when I feel like it.

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    I should make a similar post.

    FOUR BRANDS OF SHAMPOO! All in your bathroom at the same time?

    Plus conditioner and all those other stuff?!

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      Yes, but most of the time I could go about my business with just two shampoo brands and one brand of conditioner. 😉

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        One shower, two brands? BONGGA! Kaya pala ang ganda ng hair mo. May formula.

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          Yiz. Like the Philippines, kailangan ng formula para umunlad. Kung di kaya ng isa, dalawa. Kung di kaya ng cleaning, idaan sa nourishment. Etchos.

    • Roch
    • August 31, 2010

    Never have I seen someone write so comprehensively about the hair products they use or expect… galing! hahaha

    • DK
    • September 8, 2010

    you’re making me rethink about my hair, Marck.

    I wonder what bounce, sway and volume is in real life. You really must be thinking about your hair considering this very fleshed-out entry.

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