Poetry By Paoz

I’ve been listening to a lot of Pinoy gangsta rap over the past few days, and I must say I’m very impressed. There’s a certain musical quality to a poem; the reason why it is often recited, sang, or performed is that the written verse cannot be separated from its sound, the aural nature of […]


From my days in the school paper all the way to my current job, I’ve participated in many discussions and heated debates on the matter of logos.  It’s not that a logo is the be-all-end-all of branding, but as a visual element, it occupies a central space in the way things are marketed and (inevitably) […]

The World According to Willie Revillame

Here is the world according to Willie Revillame. In a recent PEP.ph article, the host of “Wowowee” seems to have made up his mind to leave, after a very public spat with Jobert Sucaldito and the many issues and scandals that hounded Willie Revillame.  Willie Revillame still remembers some of them: “Wilyonaryo,” the ULTRA stampede, […]

Hologram Theater

In an industry where accuracy matters more than fluff, the big news is on holograms.  The Mainstream Media (referred to as a proper noun for purposes of douchebaggery) have made news items out of the technologies they use to broadcast the news: “virtual presence” for ABS-CBN, and “holograms” for GMA-7.  All technical aspects and nomenclature […]