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Over at Barrio Siete, the claim is that when you create a blog you should resist the urge of using the letter “V.”  Now I have no problems at all with the good people of the Barrio – I am, after all, a reader – but I just realized how much fun I can have creating a blog entry chock-full of words that start with the letter “V.”  Not that I’m trying to strike the ire of Reyna Elena, but I think it will make a fairly good practice session to populate one entry with words that begin with the letter V.  It’s fun to play with words and form.

I just thought it would be so much fun… even if this entry wouldn’t make sense in the end.  Lulz.  🙂

Vague verbalizations, verbose valedictories of veneration towards the vox populi.  Virtuous vocalizations of candidates, painting vivid pictures of victory, or perhaps the kind of vituperation expected via the viva voce.  Opinions in the slow state of vitrification, that at the mere instance of vilification, the vendetta begins.

Verily, though the visage of the villainy vis-a-vis victimhood that precede victory over the virtue-less viruses that are the vexed, the beginning of vengeance must always be vivified.  The violent violation of human volition must be vanquished with viperine valor, by the vanguards who wage violence against the viridescent and the vacant.  The vinification of political opinion is like vinegar over a laceration, visceral vindictiveness that can only be vindicated by the vitality of vocal, vigilant villagers.

Voluminous votes for the venerated: not for the vulgar voyeurs, the venal, the venial, and the vacuous vagabonds/  Visualized: evacuated from the virulent vaginas of political and moral volatility.  Vomited from the viciousness of a vitriolous volcano.  That the vote is valuable, and therefore should not be vacated because of the vivaciousness of the villainous, vagrant vagabonds of vigilantism.


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    Very vivacious vivisection of a vision, Marocharim! Vravo!

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    Vaket? naVektima Va rin Va ni Vaul Varol? o ni Veric Vordyus? 🙂

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