Rage (?) Against Adam Carolla

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The easiest thing to do would be to ignore it; it’s fairly easy – if not accurate – to pass off Adam Carolla’s latest tirades against the Philippines as sophomoric attempts at satirizing and lampooning the Filipino condition.  Right now it’s fairly easy to Google every blog that talks about Adam Carolla, and leave comments about boycotting his show, kicking his ass, belittling him, or engaging him in the kind of intellectual debate in levels he probably can’t even comprehend.  Make him go down on his knees, and publicly apologize to an entire nation which he found so convenient to insult.

The other easy thing to do would be to accept it; after all, it is kind of true.  For all our experiences with the Teri Hatchers, the Claire Daneses, and the Chip Tsaos of this planet, it seems that a negative observation of the Philippines only becomes “racist” because it is “foreign.”  Or that “everybody’s just a little bit racist.”  Truth hurts, all right; even an extremely shallow, bankrupt statement like the racial slurs made by Carolla are not that difficult to disagree with.  It can even be passed off as satire, or perhaps fair comment, that a comedian – for sheer lack of material or talent to not play the racist card – could do exactly that, and pass it off as artistic license.

I listened to the clips and read the transcripts, and I found it offensive.  I found it KSP.  Carolla saying, “All they have over there is Manny Pacquiao and sex tours” is proof enough that he doesn’t know what he’s talking about.  For the lack of heroes and role models, we have Pacquiao – a very good role model at that – and only him.  After all, we’ve already rubbed Penaflorida’s face down the gutter because of his crush on Angel Locsin, right?

Then again, the outrage of at least a dozen bloggers out there is not because of the truth – or the absence of it – in Carolla’s sweeping generalization, but because the statement hits, once again, a raw nerve.

What do we do about it?  We don’t even have “The Man Show” anymore, so boycotting Carolla is out of the question.  Perhaps we can go to the toy stores and look for “Crank Yankers” merchandise that we could burn.  For all we know, this may all be a set-up for higher ratings, jumping on the bandwagon, garnering attention, or for all intents and purposes of the benefit of the doubt, it’s his brand of comedy.  (Or maybe because Jimmy Kimmel – his partner in “The Man Show” – is an avid fan of Manny Pacquiao.)  Technically, Adam Carolla got away with it.

It seems as if all our patriotic outrage and nationalistic fervor can be triggered solely (or worse, only) through the occasional snide, offensive remark about our nation, while all the while we turn a blind eye to things that actually damage us and validate these snarky, racist comments altogether.  I say that while we should shoot the hell out of Carolla if that’s what we really want to do, we’re not about to go back to this country without having bullets for the real problems confronting us.

We’re so BV’d by his BS that it triggers the blinding flash of being Filipino, yet our outrage is lost in things that should insult us.  The affronts to our dignity should come in things that are already here: in one national newspaper, bogus party-list organizations.  You have a bunch of doctors and health workers arrested on the grounds that they’re Communists.  In another national newspaper, you have news that the wrong ink was used on our ballots come 2010.  You have a journalist being threatened.

We have the daily problems of hunger, graft and corruption, Government incompetence, yet the opinions of a racist comedian lacking material is elevated to something that should merit the outrage of an entire nation? I don’t think so.  If Adam Carolla’s feelings on the national boxer, and his thoughts on sex shops in the Philippines matter to us, shouldn’t the daily insult to our intelligence – the shenanigans of This Government and the daily pains and perils of the Filipino condition – affect us more?

Then again, a year ago, we had Chip Tsao.

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    Agree with you in all points!

    We have far too many problems in our hands as a nation and dealing with another loose critic will not even aid it. The Philippines have already received its fair share of dark humor from these so-called comedians through out the years with having the same repetitive objectives and outcome. Let us focus more on news that actually matters and concerns us as a Filipino.

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    Who cares what this guy is saying anyway? I certainly don’t know him until I drop by this post.

    At some point, if we look into ourselves, we’ll realize that somehow other race’s observation of us are true and these sometimes are products of their perceptions of ours because of the media that sensationalizes sensitive issues and blatantly broadcast them across the globe without even considering the impact it will have on our identity as a nation.

    Each of us behave differently in various situations and I assume that even you as a blogger limits the information you share online and I have nothing against that because we still have our own privacy considerations. On the other hand, it can be attributed to managing reputation.

    We don’t always have to share what we know and what we’re made of unless we’re up to a publicity stunt. Ironic as it may sound but even reality shows don’t reveal the bad side of things or basically don’t spoil their secret. They leave it to the viewers to think until their brains bleed but disclosure is not part of their vocabulary.

    If we analyze things, then it boils down to making ourselves come out clean though it doesn’t mean that we have to lie and pretend that there’s nothing wrong, sometimes it’s better to keep our mouth shut than be perceived wrongfully.

    However, we can always fight back but then again, will this even bring us any benefit? In the end, it’s educating the world about us–our culture and our identity as a nation that will help other nationalities truly understand where we’re coming from.

    • green
    • April 3, 2010

    I disagree with you completely, we have a lot to be proud of pacquiao is only one of them. if you feel that it is only pacquiao I pity you. you need a deep soul searching of you being a filipino. if you can’t see it then you are a fool .

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    Though I agree that we Filipinos should be more concerned with the troubling concerns we encounter everyday, it would almost be a sin to simply ignore Carolla’s comments. So i-blog na lang natin ang galit, hehehe.

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