Cantal: The Lost Presidentiable

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Felix “Peck” Cantal is very forthright with his Presidential bid.  He’s not campaigning with sweeping proclamations, vague platforms, and promises that will probably be forgotten.

James Jimenez says that the election laws are silent on the matter; there’s nothing in the law, it seems, that a candidate declared a nuisance cannot come out with a campaign advertisement.   Then again, he’s doing a much better job at being honest compared to our other Presidential candidates.  Cantal pulls no punches or strings: the standard-bearer of the Philippine Green Republican Party is campaigning on a very simple, passionate premise: “Maawa po kayo sa akin.”

Now that’s what I call an honest campaign.

There’s no awa-fication you can expect from Peck (I don’t know what’s up with nicknames, but hey, with a nickname like “Maro” I should be the last guy to complain).  For those who obsess themselves with the credentials and track record of candidates, here’s what Felix Cantal has to offer:

  • Executive experience, owning Cantal Globeoil Worldwide Exploration & Distribution and Globeworld Shipping Lines (for a guy running under an environmentalist party, believe me, there are many other ironies in Philippine politics)
  • International exposure, holding posts in the UNDP, the UN Security Council, UNICEF, the ICJ, the UN International Crime and Justice Research Institute
  • Professional experience as a radio announcer for CBN and MBC, and as the advertising editor for the Manila Bulletin.

If it’s on the Internet, it must be true.

Yet with so much humility, knowing that public service is a public trust and that being elected is a matter of being voted (just bear with me on that one), Cantal bows down to the will of the people.  Cantal humbles himself before the altar of public opinion; he will not brandish the names of his parents, his track record, his money, his humble origins, or a sword in campaign sorties.  Cantal simply asks for your awa. Your good graces, your conscience.  He believes so much in his campaign that he will campaign even if he’s been denied that chance by an election code.

Yet Cantal’s pleas will all be in vain; he may not have the bilog that’s hugis-itlog in the ballots come 2010, but he will probably go down as the best President we’ll never have…

Although I have to admit that the distinction must go to Ely Pamatong.

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    • eldie balicoco
    • March 8, 2010

    ok lang…..kay ikaw man ang himuong chairman international sa alimaong grupo sa mga lumad dinhi sa pilipinas ayaw lang me og kalimte among candidatura diri sa cebu.ala me budget tabang mesa t5anan nimong plataporma among ipatuman ……….

  2. Reply

    I saw his ads too this morning in a bus passing Robinson’s Galleria. The way he appeals to people for him to be voted surprises me 🙂

    • nilo calvo
    • March 16, 2010

    He’s very humble talaga nameet ko na siya personally pati family nya madam marcing and “peck sons” well dicipline, nagulat na lang ako nakita ko yung bus na to sa ortigas that hes candidate for President mas okey yung political campaign nya and gusto ko yung upbringing nya and i will say YES….I vote for him

    • The Election Watcher
    • March 28, 2010

    You guys are so useless. If he was after all very smart, what kind of strategy is he trying to pull? Did you even read the full text that was at the bus?! it said, every filipino will be given P10,000. Don’t you call that vote buying?!

    Please we need more educated voters.

    1. Reply

      @The Election Watcher:

      The word is “satire,” look it up.

      Just in case you didn’t bother reading through the entry, Cantal was already declared a nuisance candidate.

    • PrettyOrange
    • April 21, 2010

    well, right. he’s a nuisance candidate, kaya nga di pumasa sa standard ng comelec nag iilusyon lang yan pagbigyan ninyo na.

    • Josiah
    • May 11, 2010

    totoo ba to?

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