49th Silliman University National Writers' Workshop: Call for Submissions

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I found this at the Silliman University website:

Call for Submission of Manuscripts to the
49th Silliman University National Writers Workshop

The Silliman University National Writers Workshop is now accepting applications for the 49th National Writers Workshop to be held May 3-21, 2010 in Dumaguete City.

This Writers Workshop is offering fifteen fellowships to promising young writers who would like a chance to hone their craft and refine their style. Fellows will be provided housing, a modest stipend, and a subsidy to partially defray costs of their transportation.

To be considered, applicants should submit manuscripts in English on or before March 19, 2010 (seven to ten poems; or three to five short stories; or three to five creative non-fiction essays). Manuscripts should be submitted in hard copy and on CD, preferably in MS Word, together with a resume, a recommendation letter from a literature professor or a writer of national standing, a notarized certification that the works are original, and two 2X2 ID pictures.

Send all applications or requests for information to Department of English and Literature, attention Dr. Evelyn F. Mascuñana, Chair, Silliman University, 6200 Dumaguete City.


I was a fellow last year for creative nonfiction, and I cannot begin to tell you how valuable and memorable this workshop is, was, and forever will be, for me.  If you’re not in it for:

  • Honing your craft and your skill in the written word;
  • Your work being judged by your peers and by esteemed writers in Philippine literature;
  • Cred

… then I highly suggest writing your manuscripts, polish them, submit them, and get a chance to drink deep of the well of beer and partake of good food (yes, I’m talking about sizzling pochero and sansrival; nothing beats the original) that the wonderful city of Dumaguete has to offer.  I am sure that if you do get accepted, you’ll have as many (if not more: our workshop lasted two weeks, LOL) fond memories of this workshop as much as I did last year.

Oh, and yeah, Dumaguete: I’ll be coming back this May.  Yay!

5 comments on “49th Silliman University National Writers' Workshop: Call for Submissions”

    • Jam
    • April 6, 2010

    Would you know when the fellows of the Silliman workshop would be announced? Last year, how many weeks before the first day of the workshop were the names of the fellows revealed? Were the fellows contacted or were the names posted in the Silliman website?

    Thank you 🙂

    1. Reply

      Hi Jam!

      Last year the names of the fellows were posted on the site, and I got mail. That was around 3-4 weeks before the workshop. 🙂

        • Jam
        • April 15, 2010

        Which site did you check?

        Thanks 🙂

        • Jam
        • April 15, 2010

        I checked the SU site. Didn’t find the results there. Which site did you check?

        Thanks 🙂

        1. Reply

          Hi jam!

          I wouldn’t really know, since I got the email around a couple of weeks before the workshop. I guess they’ll post the fellows very very soon 🙂

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