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It was not a fun year for people who lost their homes, for the number of people who died, and the degrees of tragedy can still be quite difficult to cope with.  The varying degrees of sucktitude can be summed up in a very long blog entry that summarizes feelings of hate, rage, and all around anger for the year that was.

Yet in retrospect, it wasn’t all that bad.  At the risk of sounding incredibly selfish, I think 2009 has been a great year for me.

Here are five highlights-slash-spotlights of the year that was… for me.

Spotlight 1: Con-Ass

Sometime this year, many Filipino bloggers stood up against moves by the Arroyo Administration to change the Philippine Constitution.  Somewhere along that movement, yours truly wrote a manifesto that somehow went viral.  The NO to Con-Ass movement will definitely have its detractors and opponents somewhere along the line – and this year has been an excellent year in making loads of enemies and critics – but then again, it’s still there.  I’m proud to have been part of this movement, and let it be known that the guy who wrote that entry will not stand for hoodwinking and flim-flamming as long as I’m blogging in Philippine soil.

Spotlight 2: Silliman National Writers’ Workshop

The wonderful city of Dumaguete holds many precious memories for me, and it was this year where I was on fellowship for creative non-fiction at the National Writers’ Workshop, which basically meant sharing stories and drinking a lot of beer in my second favorite city (Baguio being the first).  It was a most esteemed honor – an honor of a lifetime – to be read, critiqued, and befriended by some of the greatest Filipino writers of the century, and I’ll definitely be back next year for more great stories and great beer at (hopefully) the soon-to-be completed Writers’ Village.

Spotlight 3: Crane Man

I’m at my 400th-something paper crane. Of course it’s all pretty much useless after the Ampatuan massacre, but I think it’s still a fair-enough bet to think that the power of the wish can still make 2010 less violent, but I’m hoping to count on it happening.  I think a friend was right to say that the message of crane-folding is much more important than the crane itself, but I’m leaving it upon the pundits – or those who pretend to be pundits, at least – to remedy and make sense of the situation.  At least for the next year, I’ll lie low from writing about politics.  Or so I say.

Spotlight 4: The Philippine Blog Awards

Being awarded something can get you your own fair share of fans and anti-fans, but being part of the Globe Digital Tribe and the recognition of Best Commentary Blog for the 2009 Philippine Blog Awards makes for some good props.  While I don’t necessarily like getting the flak that comes with getting this award, I’m very appreciative of the honor that comes with it.  Next year, I’m betting that even better blogs will come out of the rough and perhaps even whoop my ass for it.  Next year, definitely next year, I’m getting that Best Entertainment Blog award, ‘coz I’ll focus all my energies on laoschenes celebrities.

Spotlight 5: The Girlfriend

If there’s anything I’d like to commit into writing right now, the best thing that happened this year is the best thing that happened in my life.  The Girl came along, and she became The Girlfriend on Christmas Eve this year.  I guess that everything was good for this year, for me at least, yet everything became the best when The Girl Who Rocks My World came along.  With crossed fingers, rabbit’s-feet, four-leafed clovers and paper cranes – and a whole lot of love – it’s gonna be a good year and a good forever whenever I’m with The Sweetheart.

That’s 2009 for now.  2010, bring it on.

2 comments on “2009 In Experiments”

    • jam
    • December 27, 2009

    You’ve no idea how proud I am of you, and how happy you make me =) Bring it on 2010, indeed. \m/

    • dk
    • December 28, 2009

    go, Marck, go!

    I remember you working Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays just to be able to go to Dumaguete. 🙂

    and for having a girlfriend, I think the intarwebs so approve! *likes this*

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