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Rigoberto Madera, Jr., is a six-star general, is backed by God, and is number one in the surveys.  Madera is the diamond general, the commander-in-chief on Earth; he is the man who will use the Philippine Presidency as a stepping stone to the Presidency of the United States, the position of secretary-general of the United Nations, and ultimately, become the Emperor of the World.

Rigoberto Madera, Jr., is N.N.N.  “Najananan:” roughly translated, “God.”

Rigoberto Madera, Jr., is running for President of the Philippines in 2010.

Najananan (I feel enlightened every time I write that word, so much so that his name will always be followed by some onomatopoeia from now on) is the first person to file his certificate of candidacy to the Commission on Elections.  In a country where it has become tradition to file your candidacy late to revel in the showbizzy-ness of it all, Najananan (urrrhhhmmmggghhh) approaches the Presidency with a sense of urgency, a professional attitude, and the virtue of punctuality.

There is no hullaballoo, kyeme-kyeme, or chuva-chenes. Now THAT’S Presidentiable.

A mockery of the elections?  Have we not elected movie actors already?  Aren’t some elected officials drug lords, crime syndicates, owners of prostitution dens, menaces to society?  No, no, no: Najananan (rrrawwwrrr) is the goddamn-by-jove-putang-inang self-proclaimed messiah who “will push for more education, I will build economic programs.”


Najananan (grrraaahhhrrrr). Could he win the Presidency?  Has he the machinery, the popularity, or is he falling into the trap of traditional notions of winnability?  Let’s hear it from the man himself:

“Mananalo ako, si God na ang bahala.”

I’ve always believed that genuine democracy resides in the people, and the initiative towards making that democracy happen is when the people take matters into their hands, and take a more active role in politics.  Najananan (fffuuuuuuuu) takes his convictions and beliefs – and all six stars of his general-ness – and lays them all on the line for the sake of his country and its richest political prize.  He wants it that bad to file it that early, on his own, and gets rewarded with an approved CoC.

Now THAT’S the stuff Presidentiables are made of.  Of course this approval comes from the same Comelec that disapproved an LGBT group’s motion to be considered in the running for party-list representation in 2010 on the basis of the divine… but that’s another story.

A man with a plan.  Najananan (ooooouuurrrrhmmmgghhh).

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    tsk tsk… Si God na ang bahala — SA ATIN. If this Najananan wins. 🙁

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