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I love food.  I don’t necessarily like cooking – heck, I can’t cook – but I like eating.  I like writing about food, too.  There’s nothing like the challenge of putting words to something as abstract as flavor, and something as subjective as taste.  So I decided to put up a food blog: Maro Munchies.

Before you get any ideas on what “munchies” are, lemme explain.  While I’ve written about food many times before, food is the most challenging topic anyone can write about.  I like giving myself a few challenges every now and then, so Maro Munchies was born.

In Maro Munchies, as I wrote in the first post, I write about my experiences with food, but with three rather interesting caveats:

  • I’m a lazy eater. I practically live on junk food, beer, and cigarettes.  Whenever I eat out, I take a quick glance at the menu and order whatever sounds good for the stomach and good for the wallet.
  • I’m not a gourmand. I know a thing or two about food, but I’m not a very good food critic or fan of food in general.  I appreciate cooking styles and flavor, but I’m not a big fan of pigging out or gorging myself on food.  Now drinking, there’s your exception (yes, I’ll write about alcohol very often.)
  • I’m Maro-Fuckin’-Charim and I write in long sentences. ‘Nuff said.

So yeah, I wouldn’t be discussing politics or society and I’ll not be translating lyrics there, so it’s fairly neutral ground for stuff(s) we can all enjoy and appreciate: food.  Not that I’m out to be the next Bourdain, but please do swing by and join me in my quest for good food and good drink.  And more good drink.

Bon fucken appetit, ladies and gentlemen!

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