Random Bullet-Points

I hate writing in bullet-points, but sometimes, bullet-points are all you need.

  • Like anyone else, like my friends, for example, I don’t appreciate people taking my picture – specifically my picture – in public, without my knowledge or my permission.  Unless, of course, I find artistic value in a picture like that (like spreading a message, for example).
  • While there are many ways to get attention for your blog, the best way to gain that attention so craved is to write really well; to do no harm to others, to live honorably, and to give everyone their due.  Once you got that covered, only then can you gain some measure of respect and credence wherever you go.  Those are things you can only sustain by doing no harm to others, live with honor, and give everyone their due.

Imma have more but Imma let myself finish now, but sometimes people need to chew on bullet-points every once in a while.

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