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Saturday, October 10, 2009
3:04 AM

I am writing this early this morning, fresh off some good food and good beer with Peter Juan, Jayvee Fernandez, and Ade Magnaye at Chilli Peppers at Valero, Makati City.  Tonight, two new honors have made it to my (metaphorical) mantle; the reward of being one of Globe’s Digital Tribe for Luzon, and the award for Best Commentary Blog for the Philippine Blog Awards 2009.  I hope that even in this inebriated, euphoric, drunken state, I can still give you all my thanks.

I never thought of myself as a role model for the youth, much less a commentator of national esteem, because I’m not.  The more cigarettes I smoke, and the more beers I drink, and the more times that I face This Government and This Society by the lock, stock, and barrel of their smoking guns, the more that reality sets in.  Every paradox and irony sets in with who I am, what I do, and what I write about.  Yet the more I convince myself that I am not, the more I should take heed to what my peers say about me, and admit that for the past few years, I’ve been doing a pretty good job at what I do for a hobby.

Will that ever continue?  I don’t know.  You never can tell when I’ll start to write something on other topics.  In a world of writers, you can never say never.  You never say never. Things that were once beyond my reach and grasp are now just beside me.  Not because I changed the world or anything, but because in the end, it all made sense; streams of thought turned into a material précis, in the form of two trophies that meant, to many others, being among the best.

You never know, and you never can tell.  Maybe I’m not the best writer in the blogosphere right now.  Maybe I don’t “write commentary” as other people do.  Perhaps, maybe I’m not even the most photogenic and gravitating of them all (LOL).  Yet here I am, with a few pieces of blogging history in my hands.  That somehow, it all makes sense.

Beyond the lyrics translations or the random LOL that I post here every now and then, these simple tokens stand for something: recognition and respect.  That’s something I am willing to pay back, by writing about society as I see it, how things can be changed for the better.  Recognition and respect are things I’m not going to trade for anything.  Things that is something I will, for the lifetime of my writing, will not trade for anything else.  Most of all, those are the things I will continue writing about.

Not only because I can, but because this is what it makes it all worth it.  Not only because I won an award, but because I mean to continue to do so.  Not only because the phrase “commentary blog” came modified with the word “best,” but because I owe it to everyone – yeah, you included – who made this all possible.

Will I help impeach a President, write a manifesto, or write those personal posts that hit us at who we are as a people, as a society, and as who we are?  You can never tell, some say, but you can expect that here, where – at least in the estimation of countless readers that have read every essay here over the years – it counts the most.

Thank you to all of you… and the Experiment fuckin’ continues.

* – Thanks to Noemi Dado for the picture, I’m too lazy to bring my own camera.  And yeah, I’m the long-haired freakazoid who looks like a roadie-slash-heavy metal concert opening act reject.  – Marocharim

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UPDATE October 11, 2009: Here’s the list of winners for the 2009 Philippine Blog Awards.


Best Technology Blog – Jaypee Online
Best Travel Blog – Langyaw – Sojourns and Off-the-Beaten Path Travels
Best Entertainment Blog – Lessons From the School of Inattention
Best Personal Blog – Writing on Air
Best Food & Beverage Blog – Table for Three, Please
Best Family & Living Blog – Make or Break
Best News & Media Blog – Virtual Journals
Best Business Blog – Negosyo Ideas
Best Sports Blog – Fire Quinito
Best Hobby & Recreation Blog – Bearbrick Love
Best Fashion Blog – Who is Elyoo?
Best Photoblog – I Am a Documentary Photographer
Best Culture and Arts Blog – Japanese Pop Culture for Filipino Fans
Best Commentary Blog – The Marocharim Experiment
Best Videocast Blog –
Best Podcast Blog – Brink Notes Entertainment Daily
Best Humor Blog – The Professional Heckler
Best Gaming Blog – Blog Mike Got Game!
Best Advocacy Blog – Autism Society of the Philippines
Best Beauty Blog – The Doctor Is vaIN


Karnabal by Tuyong Tinta ng Bolpen
Finding Your Soul Mate: A Statistical Analysis
by Guttervomit
Lost Gems Of Philippine History: The 1896 Board Meeting by It’s true! It’s true!
The Diving Boys of Quezon Bridge
by Dennis Villegas
Twenty Pesos by Lostphotograph
The way of the leaf by SMOKE
Portrait of a dramatic highlight in Nick Joaquin’s A Portrait of the Artist as Filipino
by Gibbs Cadiz
Kaya Dumarami ang Bading Kasi…
by Manila Gay Guy
The Parable of the Furry White Rabbit by Good Times Manila
The Amazing Bulul: A Story of Epiphany by The Cat Whisperer


Best Blog Design – The Site Guy
Best Filipino Blog Abroad – The Warped Zone
Best Foreign Blog – My Sari Sari Store
Blogger’s Choice – Micamyx
Best Filipiniana Blog – Pilipino Komiks
Geiser-Maclang Transformative Influencer Award – Let’s Go Sago
Flippish Viewer’s Choice Award – Ralph Guzman
Chikka Media Readers’ Choice Award – Good Times Manila


Aileen Apolo – An Apple a Day
Noemi Dado – About My Recovery
Anton Diaz – Our Awesome Planet
Manuel L. Quezon III – The Daily Dose
Janette Toral – Digital Filipino


Hay! Men! Ang Blog ng Tunay na Lalake
Good Times Manila
Karen Ang – Bury Me In This Dress
Lori Baltazar – Dessert Comes First
Azrael Coladilla – Azrael’s Merryland
Enrico Dee –
Dine Racoma – The D Spot
Marck Rimorin – The Marocharim Experiment
Cecil Zamora van-Straten – Chuvaness

30 comments on “Thank You (Updated)”

  1. Reply

    You totally deserve this award. Congratulations.

    • Ade
    • October 10, 2009

    Congratulations man! Well deserved, really.

  2. Reply

    Even your thank you post rocks!

    • Laya
    • October 10, 2009

    Congrats, Maro!

  3. Reply

    You rock! Congratulations! =)

    • Jeg
    • October 10, 2009

    The trench coat wouldve rocked. Congratches.

  4. Reply

    thanks for the beer company, we ALL needed that!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • dk
    • October 10, 2009

    yay Marck! when can we beer? i imagine your officemates might need it soon?

    • dk
    • October 10, 2009

    ps you are you are a role model! 🙂 i mean the blogosphere needs more lyrics translators, jk lol

  5. Reply

    Congrats dude! We owe each other a beer now.

    • Rodora dela Rosa
    • October 10, 2009

    you’re really such a writer!!! idol!!!

  6. Reply

    Congratulations, Maro!

  7. Reply

    Congratulations dude!

  8. Reply

    Galeng Marck, congratulations!

  9. Reply

    CONGRATSSSSS!!! MARX! che and i are missing you? magparamdam ka!

    • nina
    • October 10, 2009

    Winner ang hair. Congrats! 😀

  10. Reply

    Congratulations Marck! Aglaeng ka nga talaga! (Woot)

  11. Reply

    congrats! you deserve it.

    • Jeff
    • October 10, 2009


    • Roger
    • October 11, 2009

    congrats bro …

    if hindi ikaw ang nanalo, sino sa category ng Best Commentary Blog na finalists din ang top 3 picks mo? and winner?

    1. Reply

      Roger: sorry i had to remove your URL, suspicious content eh. 🙁 I’ll bring it back the soonest I can verify.

      Anyway, I wouldn’t really know. 🙂 Tough competition.

  12. Reply

    Congratulations! 🙂

    • mario taporco
    • October 11, 2009

    Couldn’t help, but snoop in @ your blogs.
    I like your simple linguistic analysis, and mannerism.
    And also, love the fucking hair bro!
    A beer on me, when I get a chance to meet you.

  13. Reply

    now im really decided to grow my hair long. xD
    ‘grats, you rock!

    • Josh
    • October 13, 2009

    Haha, awesome. Nice work dude.

    • thegreatest
    • October 13, 2009

    Congratulations dude! It was only a matter of time till they noticed hehe.

  14. Reply

    Dude! Congratulations man. Well done!

  15. Reply

    Congrats! You deserve the award man!

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