Typhoon Pepeng is wreaking havoc in Northern Luzon. There are reports of landslides, floods, and devastation in the Ilocos Region, Cagayan Valley, and my homeland of the Cordilleras. The worst part for me, personally, is that many of my friends still live in the area, and are suffering the brunt of this storm. Messages from friends are describing a waterworld in Baguio that I never got to experience in 22 years of living there, and it saddens me to realize that the geography of Northern Luzon makes it a challenge to help people.

Let us rise up to that challenge; not only as Filipinos, but as human beings who help out in times of calamity, disaster, and devastation.

For us here in Metro Manila, the Internet has been a powerful tool for rescue and recovery in the wake and wrath of Typhoon Ondoy. We can harness that same power for the victims of Typhoon Pepeng up north, and perhaps translate that to a relief effort that will alleviate their suffering.

Here are some important links that you should bookmark by now:

Rescue Hub North Luzon is where you can report SOS and emergency calls for flood, rain, and landslide victims in Northern Luzon. Please fill out the information forms as completely as possible to help facilitate rescue and assistance.

GMANews.TV’s Disaster Response Database is a unified disaster response form from GMANews.TV. Again, please fill out the forms as completely as possible.

Disaster Response Data is a Google spreadsheet that you can monitor for disaster responses in your area in Northern Luzon, which is useful if you still have an Internet connection or if you can maintain contact with friends and family members in the North.

GMANews.TV Google Map is a tagged Google map of disaster-stricken areas in Northern Luzon.

ABS-CBNNews.com’s Google Map tags the extent of the flood, which was also done by GMANews.TV on their own Google Map.  I appeal to both organizations to please, just this once, consolidate their efforts to create one map so that we can have a reliable disaster mapping tool that can save lives.

Bayanihan Online contains a resource of relief, rescue, and aid-related links for Typhoons Pepeng and Ondoy.

If you can, please consider donating stocks of easy-open canned food, rice, clothes, and medicines to the families in evacuation centers. For now, ABS-CBNNews.com reports that families in disaster-stricken and disaster-prone areas in Baguio have been relocated to evacuation centers at the following locations:

  • Lourdes Grotto/Mirador Hill
  • Aguinaldo Elementary School
  • St. Vincent Gymnasium
  • Irisan Barangay Hall
  • City Camp Youth Center

Thank you very much; ag-yaman cami kiña-yo amin.