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For the past few days, I’ve been browsing as much as I can of the entries of the nominees of the 2009 Philippine Blog Awards’ Bloggers Choice Award.  It’s a very unsettling feeling to read all of them blogs considering how nice many of them are, but I want to make sure that my vote counts.  It counts for one vote.  Anyway… here goes.

I can’t write in Filipino for the life of me, but I still believe that to write in one’s own language is a great way to communicate and to debate.  Yet whatever language a writer uses to opine, to articulate feelings, and to argue, it’s vital that there should be a bit of enjoyment and LOL involved, especially in this sometimes-ultra-serious world called the Internet.  While entertainment is a goal, it cannot be separated from the responsibilities that come with having an opinion, and to make sure that a particular opinion spreads a message to, and motivation for, its readers to act and to react.

My one vote for Bloggers’ Choice, therefore, goes to Billycoy’s Blasted Brain Blogs.

I combed through the list of blogs nominated for this award, and I must say it’s no easy task to vote.  A lot of blogs got me hungry, a lot of them inspired me, and almost (note the operative word) all of them impressed me, for all that’s worth (practically nothing).  Yet Billycoy’s blog gets my vote because of a reason I’ll try to condense in one paragraph.

The writings of Billycoy speak of the kind of blog-ness that I described above: funny (although a bit perverse to the prudish), LOL-able, yet at the same time oriented to changing society.  Billycoy plays the part of a narcissistic, opinionated guy whose kagwapuhan is almost always the center of the discussion.  More than that, it’s one of those blogs written in Filipino that I almost always read just to chill out.

Maybe because I’m (a little bit too) high(-strung).

Congratulations, Billycoy.  Dahil dito, libre mo ko beer sa Friday.

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    Maraming maraming salamat! Hindi ko sasayangin ang boto niyo. Kapag nanalo tayo, magpapa-beer ako…


    Salamat ulit!

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      last sentence of the entry, last sentence of the entry

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    Mapag-uusapan yan. LOL

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