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I know it’s a bad time to do housekeeping at a time like this, but I felt like it.

Anyway, the new theme of The Marocharim Experiment is called The Essayist, which doesn’t look all that bad… and no, it doesn’t make me an essayist.  Themes don’t make the blog: I just felt that after years of looking at black text and people complaining that I make my blog notoriously difficult to read, I decided that a light, refreshing theme change (that has large text because people who read my work – including myself – have eyesight problems) could do some of my readers a favor.

The storm has seriously affected many of us in the Metro, and with Pepeng ready to hit Luzon any time now, I hope you’re all safe and that you’re doing your own share to help out.  There’s a wealth of information out there; you can check out Manuel Quezon III’s Tumblr for stuff regarding how you can help the victims of Ondoy, and I hope this translates to help for the victims of Pepeng.

I’m nominated for the Commentary category for the Philippine Blog Awards this year, which is awesome, and congratulations to all the nominees as well.  By some I-don’t-know-what-or-why, I’m also up for a sponsor award by, so you can vote here.

Anyway stay safe, guys.  Blog entry coming up.

2 comments on “More Housekeeping”

    • tina
    • October 2, 2009

    themes don’t make the blog. i’ll keep that in mind, although this look is just…not you. ^^;; anyway, thanks for being considerate to our eyes. 😀

    1. Reply

      lockechan: well it has red and black, so it’s “me.” LMAO


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