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Along with Dementia, my name is Marocharim, here at UP Theater for etonAPOsila: a fundraising/solidarity concert for Noynoy Aquino and Mar Roxas 2010.  This, of course, does not signify an endorsement or anything; as usual, I have nothing to do on Eid’l-Fitr.

7:45 PM. The APO Hiking Society is now performing. For those of you who don’t know who APO, that’s Buboy Garovillo, Danny Javier, and Jim Paredes are an institution in Philippine music, and are quite political in their points of view.  And guess who’s suffering from technical difficulties with his fucken’ camera… ewuroihsdfjsdk.

7:53 PM. Juana Change, resplendent in a yellow wig and a yellow shirt, is up.  Say what you will about the “populism” of the Juana Change message, but it is very effective for the bunch of supporters they have here.  Juana Change had the audience eating out of the palm of her hand.

8:05 PM. Aiza Seguerra is up.  She’s singing “Kaleidoscope World:” the acoustic version.  Brings back memories of Francis Magalona.  And apparently, our liveblogging has just been called up (and no, Manolo Quezon is not here, Juana).  You can email the Noynoy Aquino for President Movement ay napm2010 at yahoo dot com. There’s something for you.  Technical difficulties… arrrgh…

8:14 PM. Aurora – whoever they are – is up for a rocker number.  Yellow may not be the color of rock, but they’re spreading a message of change, as well.  Reminds me of the “Two Sides Live” concert… you know what, I didn’t eat yet.

Break time.

8:18 PM. Isay Alvarez is up.  Now she’s calling for mothers as part of this “Pag-asa-susunod-na-henerasyon” campaign.  At this very moment, the very first actual, practical endorsement of Noynoy Aquino just happened.  Oh, look, two paper cranes while liveblogging.  Man, this is getting addictive.

8:23 PM. Paraluman is performing.  One thing that should be noticed about this benefit concert – and 2010-oriented concerts in general, is that it appeals to the rock-consciousness of the youth.  It’s sound political strategy, if you asked me: while candidates have relied on concerts to sway the public into voting, you’re faced with a mass of voters who have been schooled on a politics oriented towards entertainment.  A good thing?  A bad thing?  I liveblog, you decide.  APO is up with another inspirational message.  It’s now formal: Noynoy + Mar for the 2010 race.

8:31 PM. Jim Paredes is running a list of people who have supported this concert through quick solicitations over the past five days.  They’re not big companies, but small organizations like hardware stores and such.  You have to give it to this campaign.  Now they’re airing a tribute to Cory Aquino.

8:39 PM. After an obligatory cigarette break at UP Diliman – yes, I can – Noel Cabangon is now performing.  You can hear the howling and cheering taking place here in UP Theater: Cabangon is indeed a celebrated activist and environmentalist… and then he calls for a “cultural revolution.”  It all starts with ourselves, he says.  Lemme just sing along… Isa akong mabuting Pilipino…

8:49 PM. You can follow stuff at a new Tumblr created by Dementia.  Anyway, you can sign up as a volunteer for the Noynoy Aquino campaign by sending a text message to this chorva:

JOIN <space> LNAME,FNAME <space> CITY/TOWN <space> PROVINCE <space> EMAIL ADDRESS at 0920.9noynoy (0920-966-9669)

The next performer is Bayang Barrios.  And it’s frikkin’ awesome.

8:57 PM. There’s a Juana Change karaoke deal taking place at the Tron.  My camera is still fail.  Pop-kitsch?  I doubt that anyone in this theater does not demonstrate critical thinking skills, but I’m one to think that it’s the kind of popular campaign that can win over many supporters.  Leah Navarro now onstage… and yeah, even if I am acquainted with her, I never knew she was a singer.  Ever.

9:03 PM. The Dawn – a true institution of Filipino music –  is playing.  Political campaigns by rock and roll may not appeal to many people (to some, it may even seem declassé) but it is a very effective tool to market a product, in this case a campaign.  Yet regardless of what and that, it’s good to hear The Dawn and Jet Pangan again.

9:10 PM. Okay, I’m not one for the APO+Isay Alvarez+Leah Navarro rock opera to the tune of “Bohemian Rhapsody” with unique lyrics transposed to the song, but it’s their shindig.  The people in attendance are showing “Laban” signs, so it’s a good combination of belief, principle, and good marketing.  In my subjective opinion as a live-blogger, they should seriously record that song.

9:19 PM. The audience, along with all the performers of tonight’s concert, are having the encore: “Handog ng Pilipino sa Mundo” (considering how many jokes I made out of this song back in the day, LOL).  Will it be the anthem of the Noynoy-Mar(Mar) campaign?  You never really know.  The crowd is flush in yellow light, and they’re all raising “Laban” signs.  Dementia and Phoebe are doing the same thing right behind me.  This campaign is now all about the gravity of the message: it’s not just about the message itself, but how it is spread.  For the many people here in UP Theater, at least.

Noynoy Aquino and Mar Roxas, along with Kiko Pangilinan, are now on stage.

9:26 PM. Noynoy Aquino just thanked the audience by saying that his Mom and Dad were looking down from the heavens and would be proud of the support generated by this campaign.  The night, my friends, is over.

And with that said, I also hope that Corazon Aquino and Ninoy Aquino are proud of this liveblog.

IMPRESSIONS. I’m not one to declare my support for Noynoy-Mar(Mar) just yet.  I’m as undecided as any voter, as any participant in the electoral exercise: I just happened to be here, to view the event taking place up close and personal.  It is, for all intents and purposes, just a start.

Noynoy, at this very minute, is treated like a rockstar, a person with the same appeal and recognition as a celebrity.  This is at the root of every campaign, every way to market the Presidency and to gain votes.  In the end, all Noynoy has to do is to sustain this.  And it’s off to 2010.

My name is Marocharim.  I’m outta here.

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