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No, this is not a contest, and there is no prize… hmmm…

For something that doesn’t make me money, I write a lot of blog entries.  The bulk of this blog is glorified semantic abracadabra, but there are quite a few entries in here that would probably make the cut as the “best I’ve ever written.”  Well, sort of.  This is just my blogging year-in-review, since I’ve been blogging in this space for two years now.

I’m not really sure if I made enough blog entries that are justifiably good, since this post is anything but objective.  Yet for now, I’d like to list ten of (what I think to be) the best entries I’ve written since September last year.

Here we go… in no particular order, ten out of the best, out of 327 of the rest.

1.  Fist in the Air in the Land of Hypocrisy

November 12, 2008: where I had the temerity to sign a motion-for-intervention to impeach Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo for her role in the BJE-MOA-AD… and suffice to say, the President is still here.  The “Bloggers’ Intervention,” however, is quite a historical deal for some people, and whatever it did to me, I don’t really know.  All the same, I look back at that entry and… yeah, that’s something to be proud of, isn’t it?

2.  Sigh Sigh

December 10, 2008: Remember Tracy Borres?  I wrote an entry on Tracy Borres’ comment in an immersion activity with Aetas.  From that entry rose a little rule here in the Experiment: that there are some things that I would simply not blog about.  I don’t know whatever happened to Tracy – I even offered an interview or a space or what – but while Tracy Borres is now practically forgotten, the reverberating echoes of ethics are still here.

3.  Irony to a Tee

December 27, 2008: Remember the Valley Golf incident that involved the dela Pazes and the Pangandamans?  Short-term memory loss, yes, we seem to have forgotten about that.  What I particularly liked about this entry was that I was bombarded with emails and letters and comments defending and condemning from a simple incident of beating up somebody in a golf course.  Funny, but I still get letters from this every omce in a while.

4.  Showbiz WOOT Moment: Bebe Gandanghari

January 18, 2009: Whether I like it or not, I’ll have to tie part of the Marocharim name… brand, whatever, to BB Gandanghari, a.k.a. Rustom Padilla.  This resulted in talking to Rustom… I mean, BB, up close later on, but if I ever were after the hits, I would have had a total field day writing about Philippine showbiz’s newest transgendered superstar, and I would have written a script for a “Mistah” sequel.

5.  Where Is Stefano Mori?

February 22, 2009: Again, whether I like it or not, I have to lay claim to being an expert on everything Stefano Mori now that I’ve blogged about him.  Every now and then, the occasional email or comment passes by to ask where Stefano is, if he’s making a showbiz comeback, or if he has any idea that he’s already laos. I don’t judge – and I may probably miss the Roni-Borj tandem as much as the next 90s kid – but it’s still a question hanging in the air: where is Stefano Mori?

6.  VeNdEtTa Up0n StIcKy CaPs

March 23, 2009: Some people think it’s impossible.  Some people think it can’t be done.  Still others think that if you’re going to do it anyway, you must be completely out of your mind.  Worry not: in this world of bloggers against “perfect Englishes and grammars,” I wrote something in the language of the people.  From there, a whole series of burninating blog posts started to spew forth from the hallowed halls of the Experiment.

7.  Cicatrice

April 10, 2009: If there’s any one entry close to my heart this blogging year, it must be “Cicatrice.”  There I look a much more somber, sober, and reflective look at the passion of Jesus Christ, and our own suffering as well.  Now that I’m reading it much, much later that I’ve pretty much forgotten about it, it’s like my usual bunch-of-notes; while it is kalat at places, there’s a lot of meaning in it that I had to write a Part II.

8.  Have You No Shame?

June 3, 2009: Yes, in case you’re asking, I wrote that, and a bunch of people started copy-pasting the manifesto, using the images, and basically saying, “Have you no shame?”  It was one of those moments of awesome that thrust me into that place I don’t like – the spotlight – and I become sort of a spokesman/talking head for the No to Con-Ass movement; one among a great many, I might add, and the fight continues.

9.  Lo Siento, Corazon

July 5, 2009: Some people have this impression of me being this totally angry fellow who deals illegally in Hate-a-Rade, but there are those somber, sobering moments that you probably end up writing your best entry so far.  There are many nuances to the entry – in that yeah, it was a hesitant one but indeed sincere – but it brings to light (I think) the feelings of people like me who don’t have a good memory of one of the finest moments in the history of a nation.

10.  State of Delusion

July 28, 2009: If there’s anything “vintage” about the Experiment, it’s the outpouring of relentless anger that get me those occasional well-meaning warnings to tone down.  So if there’s any one entry for the past year that sort of fits the “Marocharim-angry” description by some veteran blog commenters (hey, I don’t know what to call you guys anyways), it’s probably this one, which was my counter to GMA’s SONA.

Oh yes, I loved every one of my lyrics translations as well.

There you have it, my ten favorite entries for this blogging year.  And no, I’m not done yet.  Here’s to another year, more stuff, and more write-able chorva.

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