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I stood near the floodlights  stared straight at them.  I stared at them like a child would a birthday cake, like a criminal would his victim, like a lover would his swain.  I wanted to ruin my eyes.  I wanted to watch those little glowing dots dance when I close my eyes.

I wanted to go blind.  I wanted to burn in that light.

I stared into the light to enjoy the darkness beyond… then I realized that light doesn’t kill.  Night – the only guarantee of complete darkness in nature – is still bathed in it.

To embrace darkness is to embrace light.  There is no escaping the glow.

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    Magnifico. 🙂

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      Thanks, Althea.

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    “Night – the only guarantee of complete darkness in nature…”

    Really? Ever gone spelunking with no reserve batteries?

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      Brian: The alternative would be to describe a scene where you hold yourself in a closet, but like batteries, closets don’t exist in nature. Lol.

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