A Thousand Cranes for 2010

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They say that when you fold one thousand cranes, your wish will come true.  While I don’t seem to be a big believer in wishes, I really do.  I also believe very much in the power of magic… yeah, I can be hopelessly romantic and naive at times.  Sometimes, a little bit of magic – and some wishful thinking – is all it takes to make this world a better place.

I’m folding one thousand paper cranes for clean, honest, and fair elections in 2010.

Cute.  Naive.  Hah.  Humbug… but I believe in wishes.

When I was a kid, I was quite talented in origami, but over time I moved from folding paper to writing, and then typing, and then writing again.  With what I do for a living and with injuries sustained from everywhere and Heaven-knows-where, my hands are in bad shape.  Still, I keep at writing because it’s my job.  Lately, though, I decided to take up a hobby not related to writing, and decided to fold cranes again.

I’ve been bordering on obsessed with origami cranes – and taking non-artistic pictures of my cranes – that I might as well put the whole project to good use.  Wishful thinking may do absolutely nothing, but then again, you never know.

There are 246 days left before the national elections on May 10, 2010.  As a passing political blogger, I write about my opinions, and try my best to educate the people who read my blog for all its political worth.  Those opinions, I hope, make an impression to some people about what I believee in.  I am a registered voter, and my vote in 2010 will count for something.  I have my convictions and beliefs, and I believe I’m intelligent enough to make a good choice by then.  Yet there’s only so much I can do.

So I decided to make a commitment; no matter how simple or childish or naive it can get.  I am folding one thousand paper cranes for clean, honest, and fair elections in 2010.  Knowing how that’s out of my hands and out of my reach as just one citizen, I hope that whoever is in charge of wishes brought about by one thousand paper cranes would hear me out by the time I’ve completed my 1000th crane.

Publicity stunt?  Nope, I don’t need it, and I don’t want it.  Wishful thinking?  Maybe, who knows what will happen.  Hope?  Maybe; for many of us, that’s all we have.  Until then, I hope I can make enough cranes for that wish to hopefully – just hopefully – come true.

It can also be a great way of regaining the best use of my hands.  Origami is also great for catharsis.  And maybe I can get a bit creative of what I can do with my (hopefully) thousand paper cranes.

My thousand paper cranes can be found at thousandpapercranes.tumblr.com.

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    • Bong
    • September 6, 2009

    Maybe all of us should do this, then, maybe, just maybe, our politicos will be better? Or else, let’s throw all of our 1,000 cranes at them simultaneously! yeahboy!

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    Awww… I love this! <3

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    Maybe instead of wasting your efforts on mere wishful thinking, you can blog about candidates that actually have a workable PLATFORM for moving the Philippines forward. The “magical” logic of your post is not very dissimilar from Erap voters or Cory supporters–very detached from reality/focus on symbolism and wishful thinking.

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    If you read through my blog, you very well know how *very* political I can get.
    None of those efforts were ever wasted.
    I made a promise to myself to fold cranes.
    I’m going to see to it that those cranes get folded.

    Yes, I’m in the process of writing posts on what *you* want.
    I’m going to do that *after* I finish some more cranes.

    This is a political effort as much as it’s a personal one.
    This is a personal blog as much as it is a political blog.
    If you don’t agree with what I’m doing, I’m OK by it.
    I suggest you fold your own thousand cranes, but lay off mine.

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    ‘To write is already to choose…’

    I strongly agree with your reply to Filipino Culture’s comment about this blog.

    I even remember a similar situation back in college where I was criticised by a professor for writing instead of making a choice & making ‘tangible actions’ towards what I see as a problem. For her, exposing reality & the expression of one’s progressive views thru writing has always been intended to destroy or to defame someone or an institution. That’s a crap isn’t it?

    Call it wishful thinking or whatever, I admire you for the wit & the ‘balls’ for conveying your thoughts. Two thumbs up for this article 🙂

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    Fantastic, I’ll fold more cranes… and please tell your professor, not only do I disagree, but her opinion is intellectually bankrupt.

    Thank you! 🙂

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    ‘Already whacked her in the face 3years ago. 🙂

    And by the way, please take a photo of your thousand cranes as soon as you’re done with ’em, eh?

    Let’s see if they can summon all the angels from above. ;p

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      Althea: I hope you didn’t mean that in the way I’m thinking of it *point*

      Anyway, the pictures of the cranes are in thousandpapercranes.tumblr.com. 🙂

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    • benj
    • September 18, 2009

    I dunno how to do cranes…. I can do swans though. Ok lang? :p

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      origami flamingos? LOL.

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    Hmmmmm… ok to ah.. pero alam ko lang gawin ay airplane. wah!

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