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The Internet is an awesome place.  It’s not actually a “place,” as it is a medium… more like an environment.  The ontology of the Internet is something not worth discussing – much less blogging about – but there are many interesting “places” on the Internet where interesting things happen.

That didn’t make much sense, did it?

Wanted Girlfriend(Click the image for a larger picture)

The moment you start talking about “mail-order brides” in this country, the sensibilities of Filipinos – like a Senator, for example – erupt in explosive indignation.  Then again, when you have “Wanted: Girlfriend” advertisements at JobsDB – from European expats, at that – you kind of expect people to start ranting and raving about how the anonymous dude should be deported for engaging in behavior that trivializes Filipinas.

I leave that to Mr. and Ms. Internet.

I think our European expat here wouldn’t have a problem looking for girlfriends that would meet his tastes and qualifications; at the risk of sounding like someone who condones mail-order brides and by the power of the blogosphere should be deported for trivializing Filipinas, our women are pretty/sexy, smart and educated, sincere and honest, adventurous, and ind(i)ependent.  If this guy has the social skills to actually look for one, he would find one.  We don’t have a shortage of those things he’s looking for among our womenfolk, and methinks he should be more specific in what he’s looking for when writing his personals.

Without monetary compensation?  LOL.

I want to drop my quarter into the high horse ride and say that if this advertisement was real, then we do have a problem – and a serious one at that – with human trafficking in this country, and that our Government should take the necessary steps to address the problem before our jobs databases would be full of girlfriend-seeking foreign folk who suffer from so much social ineptitude, and who see us as nothing more than repositories for their girlfriend-ly needs.

Yet if this advertisement is not real, I’ll just leave it to the “meh” side of the equation and probably hang on to it.  After all, I already have my specifics:

  • At least 5’3″
  • Looks terrific in glasses…

I’m still trying to figure out the rest.  At the very least I still make ligaw, but if six-seven-eight years of not having a girlfriend is a wake-up call, I should find the one just right for me soon.  This whole “Marocharim-is-angry-at-the-world” thing has to go away one day soon so that I could wear my one pink shirt.  That, and so that I can address someone as “The Girlfriend” for once in my life.

Ah, Internet.  The lolz are just all over you.

(Hair flip to Billycoy for the heads-up)

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