2010 Random Notes: Aquino vs. Escudero

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I’m thinking that it’s going to be Aquino vs. Escudero in 2010.

Usually I hate making “political prophecies” on account that anything can happen in the world of politics.  I’m not betting on it just yet, but I have a gut feeling that in 2010, you’ll have a traditional Filipino presidential deathmatch of Liberal vs. Nacionalista (or, at the very least, the NPC): Noynoy Aquino on one hand, and Chiz Escudero on the other.

At this point, it’s fairly easy to draw conclusions and parallelisms of Ninoy vs. Macoy.  Or, perhaps, Kennedy vs. Nixon.  Any way you look at it, it’s still fairly easy to call anything in the game.  These are just arrows cast to the air, hoping that they’ll hit.  Or at the very least, come close.

I’m cancelling out Mar Roxas and Manny Villar here for now (I’ll pit the two of them against each other), and I may make random notes on them one of these days.  These are just random notes; nothing eloquent or complicated or expert or deep or anything.

These are all ideal situations; we do not have strong political parties, nor can we expect just two candidates to gun for the Presidency come election season.  Yet from the ground – the perspective of the usisero, as I put it sometimes – a Noynoy and Chiz duking it out in 2010 seems very plausible and, at this point, very interesting.  These thoughts, again, bank on a hypothetical Noynoy vs. Chiz 2010 fight-to-the-finish.

First you have Noynoy, who represents a very upper-class middle-class POV, heir apparent to the Aquino legacy, Liberal, a man being pushed to run along with the afterglow of EDSA Magic, and in a manner closely tied and associated with traditional values and expectations we have of politicians.  On the other hand you have Chiz, who aligns himself the youth, is defined as an oppositionist, vocal critic of the current Administration, NPC, and is identified in many ways with Marcos and Estrada in the manner of intelligence and populism.  Both are friends, both have a loyal following.  On the one hand you have Noynoy who can emerge as a reluctant candidate but stands a winning chance, and on the other hand you have Chiz who is willing to step aside and also stands a winning chance.

You have two young politicians who have nowhere to go but up, have identities on polar ends of the spectrum, and are identified on the basis of party more than Villar’s money, Lacson’s independence, Loren’s TV appearances, Binay’s “Obama,” BF’s “Gwapo,” and Jamby’s yellow chaplets.  They may still be trapo in the eyes of many, but they’re politicians in their time.  Aquino representing traditional sensibilities, and Escudero representing populist sensibilities.  Aquino banks on tried-and-tested reputation, Escudero on tried-and-tested marketing.

If it’s any consolation, or if it is even relevant, Escudero came in at #2 in the 2007 national elections, with Aquino coming in at #6.  Both ran under the opposition “team,” but from two different parties: Chiz from NPC, Noynoy from Liberal.

More importantly, you have a very different milieu between them, and out of them.  You have two heirs of political years gone by who grew up in families invariably tied with an era that wasn’t theirs.  Two guys who gained political maturity (by that I mean making a name) for themselves, in their time, after the days of Marcos.  The memory here would not necessarily be “the Marcos era,” but the restructuring of the country and the direction of the country post-Marcos.  It would be, for all intents and purposes, a referendum on the now.

Factor in possible problems with the polls, election automation, party bickering, 2010 politicking, and other variables, though.  If you asked me, I’d be very interested to see these two guys slug it out for the Presidency.  If the “central issue” (if there’s such a thing) of the 2010 campaign would deviate from the state of the economy and move towards the strength of democratic institutions, then I don’t see why the potential central rivalry between Chiz and Noynoy won’t happen.  I’m not banking on it being the political battle of the century, nor will it result to a stronger party system, but there’s a good chance that it can be a step.  Yet more than that, it’s the kind of polarization (semi, at least) that could define the road to 2010: beliefs, milieu, and most of all, political perspective.  It all boils down to (in an extremely simplistic way of saying it) Aquino emphasizing the importance of tradition, and Escudero marketing the Gen-X-ness of it all.

The proverbial pizza has been sliced in half.  The question is who has the thicker crust, and who has more toppings.

Aquino vs. Escudero 2010?  Who would win?  Is it possible?  What do you think?

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  1. Reply

    i like chiz escudero, as in. i like the way he presented his side. i like his style. in short i like him to be the the one leading our country but not now. maybe 2016. let us all support President noynoy aquino. i believe that he is capable of leading our dear country. knowing his family background. lets give him a try. so lets campaign for president noynoy aquino.

    • consciouspinay
    • September 26, 2009

    noynoy? knowing his family background –what do you know about his family background? that he is the son of cory and ninoy? do you really know his family’s background? the mess that surrounds the aquino-cojuangco clan? their battle for supremacy? how about the hacienda luisita injustices, and controversies, have you dig up on that as well?

    chiz escudero –the darling of the youth, but he can’t even answer impromptu, always based on his script. very oooolllld. trapoistic.

    elections between these two? please. are we this hopeless?

    how can there be change if we are only choosing between players of the old politics? trapo vs trapo = trapo.

    it’s time for new politics. NP.

    you want change? go for the new. the ideal.

    NEVER the lesser evil.

    Nicanor Perlas for President.

    1. Reply

      Errr… lemme get this straight, you guys are thinking I practically endorsed Nick Perlas on the basis of a satirical entry?

    • bob torres
    • September 26, 2009

    I beg to disagree with those who select a President due to style of clothes or looks, ofcourse, wag naman yon pangit or tabingi and bibig pag nagsasalita at masyado lousy mag dala ng damit or kung lumakad ay parang ewan.

    If you know Chiz family background, kindly check again and this time check his father’s association with Marcos. How rich was he before Marcos and lands acquired during Marcos time just like the Estrellas of Pangasinan. Lands acquired along the highways of Carmen, Pangasinan.

    What have Noynoy(who is not Ninoy) sone during his senatorial days, nothing, puro bills na hindi nakapasa! What about Chiz, puro rally at objections pag galing sa Malakanyang without thinking just because his father already planned to make his son to run for President this 2010. He is still a boy when it comes to knowledge and no global concerns and experience. I am sorry if I have hurt someones feelings but I am a true Pinoy and love this country and so concerned with the future of my children & country.

    Let us pray: Dear GOD Almighty please enlighten our people to be conscionable and embed wisdom in choosing whom to vote
    this coming election. Command them to be vigilant and study well backgrounds of these candidates.


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