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There’s “perfect Englishes,” and there’s insanity.

In the so-called “blogosphere” (I hate that word), people almost always use PageRank and ratings to determine their influence and, to a certain degree, importance.  I have absolutely no problem with people who think that way; it’s just that I’m secure enough with my talent in writing and skill in blogging that I don’t need numbers to affirm that for me.  I don’t need to know how many people, search bots, and crawlers visit my site on a daily basis.  I’m happy enough being a nobody for now because I have my whole life ahead of me if I want to be a somebody.

I get criticisms every now and then for “perfect Englishes;” apparently, some people don’t like you because you write in English.  Some people don’t like you because you blog.  Hell, some people don’t like you because you write.  I do all three, so I guess I need the obligatory pat-in-the-back – no matter how trivial or irrelevant it may be – to make myself feel good.

For all my ranting about being a nobody (nobarreh, nobarreh nobarreh, ahwan nobarreh nobarreh batchoo), I seem to have found a rather telling factoid about what kind of blogger I am.

I’m known to be a “political blogger,” a “social commentator,” and I always introduce myself to other people (when I’m forced to introduce myself) as a “lyrics translator.”  I never knew, though, that I can exert a bit of my own influence in the world in things that do not involve writing things seriously in the most serious English possible.

Open letters of indignation addressed to Government officials?  Nah.

Anyway, when you type “h3llur p0wh” in Google, you’ll probably get this:


Yep, the search term “h3llur p0wh” leads to six results as of August 22, 2009, and the top three results have me written all over it.

Now if we take Google searches as a way to gauge your authority, significance, influence and importance in the blogosphere (again, I hate that word), I would be THE authority when it comes to sTiCkYcApS and txt.  I am, in fact, speaking the language of the people; reaching out to the youth of today, without the benefit of search engine optimization or keywords or tags or marketing strategies.  In a word: awesome.  I now have a new weapon for world domination.

Then again, this is all in good fun, and I doubt anyone would want so desperately to knock me out of my perch as the undisputed King of H3lLuR P0Wh in the blogosphere (once again, I hate that word).  I mean, idle boasts every now and then are helpful for the ego, even if they’re not worth it at all.

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    h3w0w p0wH.., aNg gLenG niU nmN p0wH .,, pTuRo nMn p0h aQoh SeO MiNsAn.. ,,.. aHiHiHi. ,, ( “, ) ( ^______^ )

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    s0w33,p0wH,d1,k0h,p0wH,AlAm,qNg,pAn0,mAg-Se0,k0yAh,d3aN ,,… AhAhAhAhA (“;;) ^_^ tNx p0wH dAlAw p0wH uL3 kAy0wH

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