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I think we obsess ourselves too much with what the President eats.  A sudden case of stomachache some years back was traced to puto at dinuguan, and now we’re talking steaks and wines at a fancy-schmancy New York restaurant and DC-area steakhouse.

Since media obsesses itself with the trivial (at least that’s what Cerge Remonde implies), ABS-CBN reported way back that Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo had breakfast some months back at McDonald’s as part of her itinerary to “spread goodwill.”

I doubt that Gloria would have been greeted this way:

Good morning Mamser President Gloria welcome to McDonald’s, ano pong order nila?

Then again, you never know.  Miss Universe ang drama ng lola nyo.  Congeniality and goodwill ang efek!  Washuuu…

Our dear benevolent hardworking President had this for, well, lafang:

A McDonald’s Longganisa Value Meal with rice.

I’d usually recommend cooking your own longganisa or having it at a cheaper place, but this is the President we’re talking about.  And she washed it down with this:

McDonald’s coffee.

I’m sure the President is familiar what the people drink at McDonald’s, and that’s Coke.

Your order ma’am is one Longganisa with Rice a’la Carte and one coffee, that will be that will be eighty-seven pesos… I received one hundred, your change is thirteen pesos… baka may two pesos po sila para fifteen na lang change nyo… thank you Mamser enjoy your meal!

This would all be fine and dandy but WAIT!  Hold on a sec!

Uh… yeah, Rep. Mikey, yo momma already ate at McDonald’s.

I don’t care if it’s a publicity stunt or what, but I’d just make one thing clear to the President, for whatever my impassioned barbs and lashes were worth for the past few years.  Uh, Ma’am… when you’re lookin’ for coffee, just tell your driver to take you to the nearest Dunkin’ Donuts, and have a Bavarian with that.  Or you make your own. Yet besides, you being who you are, in your position, drinking stuff we drink?  You’re the President!  It’s undignified!  You’ve been defended at the expense of McDonald’s and its patrons, you’re supposed to eat at fine dining places, and you do this?

I guess we can come to three assumptions here:

  1. The President doesn’t eat at McDonald’s too often.  Or she would have hated the stuff and stuck to President-esque dining.
  2. Her promotion of goodwill bombed.
  3. She wouldn’t be lampooned like this if she just had a hotdog while she was in New York.  Or hell, had a McDonald’s.

Populist stunt fail?  I think the President herself would have been greeted this way on her way out:

Thank you Mamser President balik po sila!

I’m sure one of the customers just said, Churaneto.

Although if anyone of the Presidential tag-alongs would have it their way (nah, this isn’t Burger King), the retort?  Chos.

Hmmm… if Cerge Remonde started using that word more, the critics would go babush. But that’s just me.  Do they call you “Mamser” in fancy places as well?

* – I would write impassioned, long-winded entries condemning stuff, but… I’m kinda lazy today.  LOL.  Hat-tip to Rain for some edits.  – Marocharim

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