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If men define their situations as real, they are real in their consequences.

– William Isaac Thomas

No, I don’t have what you need in Mafia Wars.

I’m not interested in when I’m going to get married, I’m not going to harvest your crops, take care of your pets, help you run your restaurant, and I’m not going to be sold to the highest bidder like a sex slave.

I’m not interested in questions of “What ‘X’ are you?” and I’m not interested in how crushable you may be or how crushable I am.  Most of all, I don’t like seeing that you like your own status message.  TMI.

The generations that preceded us, I guess, contributes to the shell we build around ourselves every day.  We’re beyond the moral compass of our hippie parents, and the cynical pragmatism of Generation X; now, we seek affirmation and presence through the technologies developed for us, and the technologies we build.  We make connections, build on existing ones, and expand them.  Our interactions with the world increase, as we grow.  Not only do we take over spaces, we create them.

We seek attention, we want to stand out, yet we are surrounded by the mundane, the taken-for-granted, and the pedestrian.  We walk amongst a teeming crowd, trying to stick out like sore thumbs with every social networking account we own, and the number of blogs we maintain.  No matter how much I try to escape it, this is the way my world-view is formed.  All this is eminently social.

I’m thrown into a bizarro-world, Facebook; soon, people will use those glittery skins and change page fonts to fuckin’ Comic Sans.  I wouldn’t be surprised; the h3lLuR p0wH and H011A crowd grows on me, yet they’re still there, hanging around on my friend requests queue.  Will I add them?  Eventually, I guess, when six degrees of separation (or less) forces me to realize how many friends-of-friends I have, and I add them out of social graces or just because I feel like it.

My misanthropy – and my hatred of the human race in general – grows with online social networking.  As we expand deeper and further into spaces we expand and create, the more we become socially inept.  We spread ourselves too thin, blurring borders and erasing them.  We throw ourselves into realms of nicknames and handles, hanging every bit of our emotional dirty laundry out for the whole world and the blogosphere to see, and every possible social interaction is now a function of hyperlinks in hyperreality.

Or how cranky we could get because of slow Internet, or our conversations turn into offline discussions of online life, or how nervous we get from technical glitches in our blogs.  I like to imagine that the next step in human evolution is that we’ll start having wi-fi transmitters in our heads, and 3G dongles up our asses.

Yet that’s the next generation’s problem.  For now, bliss; that from the looks of things, my blog is OK.  Now to answer a 20-question survey I was tagged in, and to untag every embarrassing picture of mine from grade school.  Whoever posted that kind of LOL will get pwned for visual burnination.

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