Eat the Rich

“We can afford to buy properties,” Congressman Mikey Arroyo says.  In his mind, probably, the kind of corrupt legacy associated with his family’s name is the direct result of them being rich and in power.  It’s the kind of “inggit lang kayo” and “talk to my lawyer” complex often used to justify excess in the […]

The Girlfriend Seekers

The Internet is an awesome place.  It’s not actually a “place,” as it is a medium… more like an environment.  The ontology of the Internet is something not worth discussing – much less blogging about – but there are many interesting “places” on the Internet where interesting things happen. That didn’t make much sense, did […]

A Thousand Paper Cranes

It was origami in the wee hours of the morning. There are the boats and the planes, but I can never seem to make a crane.  They say that when you make a thousand paper cranes, your wish will come true.  Yet every time I tried to make one, the paper tore up at the […]

A Live Event (Globe Tattoo)

I’m on edge.  LOL, liveblog. Right now, Globe is having an event here in Handlebar, Makati to launch a phase of Globe Tattoo.  With beer in hand and cigarette in mouth.  Up Dharma Down is going to play some tunes.  Some of us are here courtesy of an e-mail invite from The Mordo.  Oh look, […]