Month: August 2009

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Eat the Rich

“We can afford to buy properties,” Congressman Mikey Arroyo says.  In his mind, probably, the kind of corrupt legacy associated with his family’s name is the direct result of them being rich and in power.  It’s the kind of “inggit lang kayo” and “talk to my lawyer” complex often used to justify excess in the upper echelons of Government: if you can afford it, then you should.  Never mind the irregularities or the anomalies.  You can’t prove anything, and if it happens, everyone does it anyway.  A persecution complex, if you will.

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The Girlfriend Seekers

The Internet is an awesome place.  It’s not actually a “place,” as it is a medium… more like an environment.  The ontology of the Internet is something not worth discussing – much less blogging about – but there are many interesting “places” on the Internet where interesting things happen.

That didn’t make much sense, did it?

Wanted Girlfriend(Click the image for a larger picture)

The moment you start talking about “mail-order brides” in this country, the sensibilities of Filipinos – like a Senator, for example – erupt in explosive indignation.  Then again, when you have “Wanted: Girlfriend” advertisements at JobsDB – from European expats, at that – you kind of expect people to start ranting and raving about how the anonymous dude should be deported for engaging in behavior that trivializes Filipinas.

I leave that to Mr. and Ms. Internet.

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A Thousand Paper Cranes


It was origami in the wee hours of the morning.

There are the boats and the planes, but I can never seem to make a crane.  They say that when you make a thousand paper cranes, your wish will come true.  Yet every time I tried to make one, the paper tore up at the wings.  The beak may be a bit skewed, or that I can’t get those even, symmetrical folds that make good paper cranes.

What more for a thousand of them?

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A Live Event (Globe Tattoo)

I’m on edge.  LOL, liveblog.

Right now, Globe is having an event here in Handlebar, Makati to launch a phase of Globe Tattoo.  With beer in hand and cigarette in mouth.  Up Dharma Down is going to play some tunes.  Some of us are here courtesy of an e-mail invite from The Mordo.  Oh look, pretty model just gave me a SIM.  LOL.

I can’t seem to make the Bluetooth work on this here device, and this is a borrowed laptop, and I’m doing the Hemingway writing style (i.e., standing up), so I don’t have much time to provide some rantage.  Which means I’ll post some pictures later on.

I subscribe to three phone networks, so I don’t know how this thing will fare just yet.  YET.  That’s the operative term.  I usually see Globe guys and gals decked in the worst for corporate wear (i.e., business suits), but it’s nice to see them reaching out to a group that wants to be on edge.

Oh look, Lauren’s just off to the tattoo shop to get a tattoo.  And here I am writing standing up.  I should go to Handlebar to drink more often.  These are my people.

Tattoo’s new site, which will be up on a few days, will be relying on dynamic content, and you can post customer service inquiries there.  They’re gonna go to the tune of “Your Universe,” which probably takes after Rico Blanco’s hit, but we’ll see what happens.

So I kind of thought of of a limerick:

It was a bit wunderbar
For a writer to blog at Handlebar.
They showed us Tattoo
Universe of you
I hope this thing will go far.

Or haiku:

A drink in my hand
The noise and beats in my ear
The screams of tattoos.

I’m outta here, playaz.

* – This is not a sponsored post.  I just want to see how I’ll fare writing standing up with a live band playing and a speaker about eight feet away from my ear.