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I decided to do some “housekeeping” today.  You can think of this as a “total blog revamp,” but a little organization is necessary every now and then.  It can get a bit messy here in the writing laboratory, so I figured I need to expand things beyond the dump that is the Experiment.

So with the help of Ederic Eder, I decided to expand the writing laboratories.  Subdomains, if you will.  While I’m still figuring out the technicalities of lyrics translations, there are a couple of subdomains I’d like to introduce to you guys and gals:

  • Marocharim’s Notebook. I like to call this subdomain my own personal Hell, but here’s where it gets really personal.  This part of the writing laboratories is one I’ll be watching.  Let’s see how it goes, and let’s see how it grows.
  • Anthology. Want poetry?  Fiction?  Or whatever passes for it?  Then “Anthology” is the place to be.  So far I’ve dumped poetry and fiction there from Anthology of Anger and No Ordinary Sunshine, but I won’t be updating those sites anymore.

And yes, they don’t come in black.

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