Tigulang Nga Kahuy*

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The fireflies gathered
Quickly, rapidly
Like clocks, for the kapre‘s moment of thought.

He stood atop the kahuy
Carefully, quietly
And saw the two lovers holding each other’s hands.

The lovers kissed
Gently, sweetly
And never saw the monster or the
iput-ipot around.

The kapre mouthed
Tan’awun ta’ka
And watched as the lovers held each other in embrace.

The man whispered
Palangga ta’ka
And left his woman under the shade of the lunok.

The fireflies left
Quickly, rapidly
The kapre’s moment of thought lasted too long.

The woman shouted
Ginahigugma ta’ka
The kapre stayed, waiting… for the break of dawn.

* – A friend tells me that in the Visayas – Iloilo, in particular – trees in rural areas are referred to as “tigulang nga kahuy,” and that got me thinking of tonight’s fantastic fiasco.  For the lack of a title, there you go.  These are notes for something I’m doing.  Please feel free to correct me it if I spelled or used words in the wrong way.  – Marocharim

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