Dulce Et Decorum Est Pro Stefano Mori

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To paraphrase Wilfred Owen: “My friends, you would not tell with such high zest, to fans ardent for that desperate glory / The Old Lie; Dulce et decorum est, pro Stefano Mori.”

I’ve been getting quite a lot of comments and e-mails from that Stefano Mori entry I wrote some months back, most of whom are from Borj fangirls. If I were a mega-SEO ratings-happy blogger, I would take consolation in being number #12 on a Google search for “Stefano Mori.” Heck, I’m #1 on a Google image search for “Stefano Mori.” That has to count for something, right? See, there is a market for #stefanomori.

Nobody’s looking for Red Sternberg or Bojo Molina, and everybody misses Rico Yan. Yet in terms of “disappearing acts” in Pinoy showbiz, nobody – and I mean nobody – can top the public demand for the return of Stefano Umberto Mori.

I suppose I’m better off wasting weekend petiks resources on uncovering the whereabouts of Amanda Page, but the fans must not be disappointed.

We all know that Stefano is one-third of JCS with John Prats and Carlo Aquino, but while John and Carlo have been enjoying their runs with showbiz, it seems that Stefano just disappeared from the limelight. Stefano’s last appearance was in 2002’s “I Think I’m In Love,” opposite Joyce Jimenez and Piolo Pascual (his tandem was Nancy Castiglione, I think), and was never heard from again. Unless, of course, someone brings up his name during a conversation.

Some theories have been brought up on the whereabouts of Stefano:

  • Some showbiz pundits have pointed out that one of the things that may have contributed to Stefano’s “vanishing” from showbiz was his lack of marketability (although there are many Roni-Borj fans out there).
  • Many jokes have been made at the expense of Stefano Mori’s talent.
  • Many jokes have been made at the expense of Stefano Mori’s nose.

I sifted through a bunch of Facebook profiles (facepalm, it’s like… stalking or something) and found out that Stefano is now based in Texas. Post-showbiz life? Making other career and life options outside of the volatile world of showbiz? Or is this just a way to heighten the anticipation for his return. Or for the G-Mik reunion. You never know.

I take back everything I said about Stefano’s comeback making as much of a small ripple as it would if Dranreb Belleza or Jovit Moya would make their return. If the tone of the responses are to be believed (and they should), the return of Stefano Mori would be THE showbiz comeback of the year.

So here’s a public appeal to Ton-Ton… I mean, Stefano Mori. Your legions of fans are eagerly anticipating your return to showbiz. I can see it now: the return of JCS, autograph signings, being cast as the son of Christopher de Leon in a soap opera, movie deals, FAMAS. I’m highly doubtful about sex scandals, although I’m betting on tons of media mileage.

Would Stefano make his return, seven years after his last appearance on TV? We never know. At least I’ve been having more luck with that than, say, looking for the whereabouts of one Jograd dela Torre.

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