A Little Piggy Named Khanzir

There was a little piggy named Khanzir
In a country that treated him queer.
When he was locked away
For two months and a day
Not a soul in the zoo did appear.

Among people that didn’t eat ham
Khanzir was known as haram.
Each one was scared silly
Of the flu that it carried
And the person who touched it be damned.

The zookeepers realized lately
That one pig was not that deadly.
A disgust they can’t conceal,
And with a snort and a squeal
The one pig that they had was set free.

Postscript: True story.  Bad limericks.  That’ll do, Marocharim, that’ll do.

4 Replies to “A Little Piggy Named Khanzir”

  1. it’s funnier ’cause i already know the story behind it. 😛 would probably be vague if the person reading had no idea what it’s about though. ^^ hehe.

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