Nine Inch Nails: Live in Manila (August 5, 2009)

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Will a march of the pigs bring us closer to the perfect drug?  We’re all in this together, hurt in happiness in slavery.  NIN is the hand that feeds, starfuckers… and Trent Reznor’s creation is coming to Manila.

Some months back, I heard that Nine Inch Nails was going to have one big concert here in Manila.  I’m a big fan of the performance and the music of Trent Reznor, and it would be absolutely awesome a month from now, when Splintr, MTV Asia,  and NU 107 brings you “Nine Inch Nails: Wave Goodbye (1989 – 2009).”  Once-in-a-blue-moon-when-pigs-fly, guys: mark your calendars.  August 5, 2009, 7 PM, at the Araneta Coliseum.

Here’s now you can get tickets for this rare occasion.  Benj tells me that this is billed as the “farewell tour” of NIN, but I’m not counting on it just yet.

I’m crossing my fingers that Trent’s not somewhat damaged yet, and that the concert is just like anyone imagined.

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    • nails
    • July 29, 2009

    online promo to win tickets at:

    • Ryan
    • August 7, 2009

    i do watch d concert last wed,thou it didnt pack up dt Full my be bcz of d shdule it drop in d middle of d wikdays i gez dr be mch lot huge RockHead out der will shown up f dt hapen ider Fri/sat nyt,bcz d tickets got a very flexible amount start frm 5oo smting on wards.
    The Group doin a very gryt Performance me as an Old Skul fan of metal see his creation frm d start and sein him w d sme level of perfrmance til now is a BLAST!!!

    • Euri
    • August 7, 2009

    I’m not saying this because I’m a bit bitter that I couldn’t come, but please COMPLETE your words. Do not type in text speak. It’s freaking hard to read your comments. And it’s fucking annoying. D=

    (To the blog owner, I’m sorry about flaming, but I just can’t help it. XD)

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      Go ahead. 🙂 Hope you can drop by to visit again.

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