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I must laud the President for her two-day self-imposed quarantine, although another day of quarantine wouldn’t be too bad.  I don’t mind “anonymous informants,” either, but I do not think that very detailed descriptions of the President’s health are none of my business, but hey, the reports are there.

The last time, Presidential diarrhea and indigestion was described in terms of what she ate: puto at dinuguan. I never ate the damn things ever again because they reminded me too much of well-circulated news.

The President – hate her if you must – has the right to privacy, and I think that the reports and information passed on by unauthorized informants should be immediately pointed to the immediate direction of the shredder.

Let me make it clear that as much as I don’t like the President of the Philippines, and as much as I am for transparency in This Government, I am not interested in the President’s silicone implants, nor am I interested in lumps in her groin:


Again, I don’t like the President.  Yet while I understand that the President must be whole, complete, swine-flu free and all, I don’t think silicone breast implants and lumps on her groin will affect her in the… uh, discharge, of her duties.  Yep, I hate the pun (or the double entendre, whatever comes first) as much as you do.

The news item should have been a timely update on the President’s health, but instead, it turned out to be a timely reminder of… I don’t want to go there.

Dear anonymous informant: too much information.  Fail?  I don’t think so: try burnination.

Postscript: The Manila Bulletin just changed the original article.