Nicanor Perlas: Cooming Soon

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I’m not one to deprive anyone of a Presidential bid.  If you want to run for President, if you’re qualified, and if there’s no big political or legal issue surrounding your candidacy, then there’s no one stopping you from your campaign.  We’ve had someone promise each Filipino a million pesos, and we certainly have a fond memory for aspirants for national office  beheading chickens in public to exorcise the evils in Government.

I’m cool with that.  After all, come 2028, I’m eligible for the Presidency, assuming there will be elections and there will be no Charter Change.  The idea of the Marocharim for 2028 Presidential bid, after all, rests on things I think Filipinos need and appreciate: wage increases, low-cost high-quality housing, security of tenure in employment, free tuition, national healthcare, medical marijuana, abortion rights, the right to keep and bear arms, and State-sponsored (not subsidized, sponsored) pornography for everyone.

In 2010, you’ll have to settle for Nicanor Perlas: “the real substantive choice” for 2010.  Nicanor Perlas is… well, let’s allow his PR repapipz to handle it for us:

Perlas embodies an unusual combination of expertise and skills, essential to addressing the stark challenges and incredible opportunities facing the Philippines.  He has been called a “green warrior”, a “sage” “a true leader”, a “profound thinker”, a “man of action”, and a “practical visionary”.

Wow, and my Presidential campaign will involve things like, “portal to the infinite.”  Or “gateway to greatness.”  There’s “paragon of immortality” or “I’m Maro-Fuckin’-Charim and you are crap.”  Perlas trumps all that.  He’s the hero you never knew.  He’s the LOL of Philippine history.

Nicanor Perlas: the indirect visionary behind the Philippines’ involvement in APEC.  Nicanor Perlas: the inaugurator of significant national policies that affect the lives of Filipinos without ever being directly involved in politics.  Nicanor Perlas: the guy who graced important meetings with his mere presence and changed the whole system.  Nicanor Perlas: visionary dude who represents us in the UN, so into public service that celebrity and mentions in HEKASI trivia quizzes is completely beneath him.  Nicanor Perlas: winner of the Alternative Nobel Prize.

I’m not just saying that, this is all based from his qualifications.  Nicanor Perlas: where winnability is flawed because there’s more than one way to skin a cat, garbage in garbage out, new politics has an essence.  More than that, “winnability,” like the Earth, moves.

I’ve got three words for you.  Nicanor Perlas: BADASS.

Now that’s PR.

No big questions… except for a couple of things.  His blog…

And his cooments…

Are cooming soon!  I’m just nitpicking.  Yowzah.

cooming soon

I’m one to let his resumé and PR do the talking, for whatever it’s worth.  In a country where Presidentiables promise a million pesos and behead chickens and call COMELEC officials to protect their votes… well, you get it.

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    • pitirpol
    • July 1, 2009

    If we assign NP = Nicolas Perlas and P = President, then we have the classic as-yet unsolved mathematical problem P = NP (or P versus NP, see a brief description of this problem at the Clay Mathematics Institute website). I hope Mr. Perlas realizes this. 🙂

    • pitirpol
    • July 1, 2009

    Sorry, that should’ve been Nicanor. 🙂

    • Shen
    • July 20, 2009

    What does someone need to run for the presidency? Do you know Mr. Nicanor Perlas in person? Have you met him? He is not like the usual candidate which just promises you things and never fulfill them.. he is a president that will involve the people in solving the problems of this country.

    I hope you would see that… he had made good things for our country… and had done that without pretentions.

    • Oysteronahalfshell
    • July 23, 2009

    Really, what does it take to be President, or to be lead a country that has languished in darkness for the past fifty (even more) years. The problem is we seemingly refuse to take responsibility for our lives and for the country we live in. Instead, we choose to be cynical, apathetic, and distrustful of those who have chosen to rise above the suffering, and do real work for the country. And yes, Nick Perlas has done this without being in politics. Systems, structures and institutions, these are really in the end, comprised of people. People you do not hear about, people you do not know, people who are not “winnable” in our traditional notion. You can affect the lives of Filipinos, even without being directly involved in politics. Just look at your politicians, those who are supposedly in the right venue to affect lives. Have they really? Yes, affected their OWN lives, so they selfishly remain in power and gather more gold (create their machinery, and increase their popularity for next election.) The cycle goes on. And unless we Filipinos remember our essence, diwa, pagkatao (and yes, I am not scared to say essence, SPIRIT, no matter how “portal to the infinite.” or “gateway to greatness.” it may sound) as a people, we cannot get out of this deep dark pit. There is nothing else left to do, but be awakened- to be conscious of our dignity and capacity to create the Philippines we want, reclaim the Filipino values of compassion, kapatiran, karangalan, and engage in the world, do work for the country. Nick Perlas has the capacity and integrity to do that. He won’t do it alone, but he can be the spark, a catalyst. He can do that because he is not only competent, but he has unquestionable integrity. I wish people would have faith and act, and stop being so cynical.

    • Morgan Sedai
    • July 23, 2009


    • Marocharim
    • July 23, 2009

    OK… I think you said your piece/peace, but I’m not out to “mock” Perlas per se, even if I am kinda mocking the NGOese I’m still trying to sort out from his resume. The way I see it, everything is political, and maybe you’re referring to Perlas being out of the traditional notions of “political.” That is one thing everyone has to outgrow: being apathetic is taking a side. Welcome to politics. 🙂

    I haven’t had firsthand experience with anything Perlas had anything to do with so I guess I’ll consider being an indirect beneficiary to Perlas’ indirect actions, as I gather from your very passionate and sincere defense of the guy.


    (… hmmm, on a side note: whatever “mocking” I did above may be offensive to you, and I’m sorry if I offended your sensibilities, but I gathered every single bit of the summary from Nick Perlas’biographical notes. Trust me, in the world of branding, “Badass” works wonders. 😉 thanks)

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    • AllthereisISHOPE
    • July 28, 2009

    People complain about wanting change, wanting something new, wanting to get out of this godforsaken rut. And then they go ahead and vote the way they’ve always voted. TRAPO, someone who is a ‘probable’ winner, someone who has been in the ‘SCUM-y’ world of politics long enough to ‘deserve’ to run for President. Really? Will that get you the change you’ve wanted? Has it worked so far? If we keep doing what we’ve always done… if we keep being cynics.. Keep judging what a president should be by the usual criteria of ‘well he has the money to campaign’ and ‘well she started out as mayor so she knows what she’s doing’….. Seriously people, haven’t we learned yet? If we want HOPE, CHANGE, to feel PASSIONATE about our country once more….PLEASE change your criteria. It hasn’t worked before. Why will it now?

    Yes, dear. Perlas IS badass. He ROCKS. And he is the hope we have been looking for. You sound like a smart guy… (maybe not the pathway to greatness, though)…. and you’re funny. But this is our country we’re talking about. Our future. It would be great if you could see this…and join the right, the true side.

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      I’m not the pathway to greatness? I don’t know, but I don’t reek of badassery? Wow… I always knew that, LOL.

      Trust me though: it’s all about branding. Once you start branding Mr. Nick Perlas as a “Badass,” the voter turnout’s gonna be huge. Everything’s tongue-in-cheek, by the way. 😉

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    I’ve been hearing the name Niconor Perlas, a world-renowned environmentalist. He writes well, most especially subjects about climate change. Some Filipinos, especially the educated ones, want him to run for president. He’s qualified, of course. But the problem is: in this country where the number of the poor surpasses that of the rich, can we expect him to win when both money and popularity go hand in hand in going to the Palace?
    Whatever comes next after this election, I could not blame the candidates, but the electorate who cast votes for money!

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    I’ve been hearing the name Niconor Perlas, a world-renowned environmentalist. He writes well, most especially on subjects about climate change. Some Filipinos, especially the educated ones, want him to run for president. He’s qualified, of course. But the problem is: in this country where the number of the poor surpasses that of the rich, can we expect him to win when both money and popularity go hand in hand in going to the Palace?
    Whatever comes next after this election, I could not blame the candidates, but the electorate who cast votes for money!

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    What Nicanor Perlas is doing right now?
    I do not know. Maybe he’s just out there thinking deeply whether or not he would be seeking the presidency where hoods outnumber the heroes.
    If I were Nicanor Perlas, I would not waste my time serving a country where leaders play politics for money.

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      I don’t know, but in a post that followed I’m sure he should be in the Batcave.

    • consciouspinay
    • September 26, 2009

    Great Branding! BADASS — I like!

    Nicanor Perlas is Badass.

    And Badass is what our country needs to take out the dirt, filth and garbage that has accumulated, especially in the hearts and minds of Filipinos.

    And it’s about time that Badasses lead the country instead of the so-called leaders who “play politics for money”. Why would he “waste time” somewhere else? Then who are we left with again? The gluttonous crocodiles in the palace, who can’t get enough wealth and power? No way!

    Let’s go for the Badass! Better yet, let’s all be Badasses!

    Kick out the old-timers from their comfortable and traditional political “high chairs”!

    1. Reply

      Satire fail?

  5. Reply

    I’m sorry to say that in this country where most lawmakers from both houses of Congress are corrupt, the onslaught of typhoons “Ondoy” and “Pepeng” left a message for us to ponder: “The worst is yet to come for Mother Nature!”
    I hope these lawmakers who are using the electorate with twisted nerves will see themselves one day that they’re being dragged by the devils closer to hell!

    • khael
    • November 10, 2009

    hmmm… I vote satire fail…

    I think it was too early to write this way about NP. Most of the people who know him are supporters. Maybe in a few more weeks the audience will be more appreciative. Personally, this piece made my day.

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    I read your more recent post “Nicanor Perlas = Badass” (which led me to this post), and no wonder you made it good in searches. This is badass post! ;D

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    do you know how to spell the word “comment” ? lOL

    1. Reply

      Hey, marocharim who happens to be not my doppelganger,

      I do. It’s just that when the Nick Perlas site was still a kid, I saw that “cooment” thingy. Too bad I hotlinked.

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    Now that May polls are fast approaching, I pity those candidates who have no money. We know that most of the Filipino electorate cast votes for money.
    In this country where politics is the dirties game in town, good politicians are often left at the foot of mercy after the polls.
    Do we have now presidential bets who are true to themselvs, especially those who are already holding their pork barrels?
    I doubt!

    • Omer Oscar B. Almenario
    • February 17, 2010

    Now that the race to the Palace has begun, the only thing could say is that Nicanor Perlas is one of the best candidates running for president in this country where hoods outnumber the heroes.

    • Omer Oscar B. Almenario
    • February 17, 2010

    To the candidates seeking a seat in both houses of Congress, I would like to ask: Are they running after the “pork barrel” at stake?
    Without the pork barrel, could anyone dare to go?

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