To Dissent

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The foundations of our democracy is not rooted in just mere disagreement, but dissent.  Our country was not founded on dinner table talks or roundtable discussions, but by resistance and dissent at all costs.  We did not negotiate our rights and our freedom.  Dissent is the way we take back what is truthfully, rightfully, and justly ours.  Dissent is a right and is the way to freedom.

I don’t have to run down a laundry list of examples.  Lots of us don’t believe in dissent anymore.  Many of us believe that dissent is trivialized.  Many of us believe that an act of dissent is nothing more than an act of publicity, a way to infamy, that dissent is to sow the seeds of discord and to compromise unity.

I will not sit idly by and have my freedom, my rights, and my identity taken away from me.

I think it was Malcolm X once said, “If you’re not ready to fight for it, take the word ‘freedom’ out of your vocabulary.”  I believe that free people are not bystanders; free people do not confine themselves to the prison of the sidelines.  The free will act on a belief, whether it’s for it or against it.  Those who are free will engage the challenges confronting and obstructing their freedom.  The free will dissent.

This freedom – dissent – is one of the many reasons why I am going to the Ayala rally tomorrow.

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