140-Character Nuggets

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If people were able to take these 140 characters and develop a poetic Western form… that would be a satisfying thing.  But that’s not what I see when I read them.

– Hugh Laurie, quoted by Hello Magazine
May 28, 2009

I sometimes wonder if, thanks to Twitter and Plurk, all my thoughts turn into 140-character nuggets.  Have I become this desperate or banal?

A hundred and forty characters.  I can make two sentences with those.  Or three.  With enough room for phrases and proper punctuation marks.

Yet, Dr. House wants poetry.  Oh, I’m not a poet.  I do not know if I can write clean rhymes and lines with 140 characters.  Bleh, I’ll try.

Is my wisdom limited to 140 characters?  Maybe.  I limit that wisdom, compared to “H3LlUr p0Wh” types who take cutting lines to the extreme.

I wanted to write this in “Anthology of Anger,” but I figured I might as well do it here, since it’s an experiment.  I’m not much of a poet.

140-Character Nuggets

Yes, I Can Plurk And Tweet This, But I Can’t and I Won’t, RLY LOL

A poem in some form of rhyme by Marck Ronald Rimorin

Small words, phrases of a digital savage
My little home in a global village;
Here, again, a rite of passage
My life is but a status message.

Change my image, or change my name
Do I make myself up inside my brain?
Rant and rave, and try to explain
In lines that never stay the same.

To add them up or to follow
Will I read every single one tomorrow?
What to write, happiness or sorrow…
Maybe just pass by to say, “Hello!”

What will this all mean?
Why is it so fun if it’s so routine
Everyone’s in, a lot of friends unseen
Yet there, short messages on my machine.

Stupidities, inanities across time
The silly things we do that rhyme;
What are you doing?  Life on the line
Last characters before downtime.

Should I go on, will I delete,
Are 140 characters a one-way street?
My thoughts, like dust on my feet
Just another Plurk and one more Tweet.

It takes a bit of a stretch to limit every thought you have to 140 characters.  It’s not cool, and it can cause a serious headache.  Really.

I’m not much of a poet, but I think I just took 140 characters into poetic Western form.  I didn’t PWN Dr. House though; I need a diagnosis.

When you write a blog post with a 140 character rule, and write a poem in the process, you either need medicine, or you’re sick in the head.

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