Iñaki and Bianca

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Now would be a good time for me to give some political opinions here and there:

  • Gilbert Teodoro being the “dark horse” of 2010: Red Horse if he does.
  • The shenanigans taking place in the Legacy Group issue: Failure by design.
  • The allegations hurled against former SEC Commissioner Jesus Martinez: Lifestyle check.
  • Automated elections: Slaying windmills.
  • A possible President Erap redux: Spare me.

Uh… OK, there you go.  Let’s now deal with matters of national importance: showbiz.

Showbiz, to me, is nothing more than repetition; iterations of temporal redundancy, so to speak… but waxing and droning can wait.  The “hottest new love team” is nothing more than a throwback to love teams that have already existed.  I’m not saying that every leading man is Fernando Poe, Jr., and every leading lady is Susan Roces.  I’d rather bank on recent history.

Take Dingdong Dantes, for example.  OK, his name sounds like a bag of mixed nuts, but many of my female, bisexual, and gay friends consider him as the hottest actor around.  There’s that kilig factor with Dingdong and Marian Rivera, never mind that I can’t help but snicker watching a Nesvita commercial.  Dingdong-Marian may seem to be the hottest couple on TV; whether it’s Sergio-Marimar or Homer-Proserfina (I swear, I don’t understand “Ang Babeng Hinugot Sa Aking Tadyang”).

Today’s Facebook status message and Yahoo! Messenger stat thingy was “Iñaki Torres,” just because I feel like annoying people with references to nineties showbiz every Friday.

If you have a good memory for the 1990s, you probably know that the Dingdong-Marian image is a throwback from a previous image; Marian Rivera is the new generation Antoinette Taus.  It’s a throwback to that other love team that sort of boosted “TGIS” for many people in my generation: it’s easy to get your fill of kilig back then.  Bobby Andrews and Angelu de Leon, or Red Sternberg and Rica Peralejo.  Yet when you come to think of it, the kilig was not in Wacks and Peachy or even Kiko and Mitch: it was in Iñaki and Bianca.

Look at Marian…

Now look at Antoinette, and you’ll probably get my waxing philosophical point about repetition.

Get it?

Anyway, I think it was Plato – or was it George Santayana – who said that those who fail to remember the past are doomed to repeat it.  Now doom… that’s a different story.

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    I loved Anna KareNina LOL

    Among DD’s past leading ladies, my top favorite is Tanya Garcia. I wish you can write something about her too 😀

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      Hi Mica. I’ll try looking for info on Tanya Garcia… as soon as I can find whatever happened to Red Sternberg. Kiko-Mitch was my favorite team in TGIS.

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