I’d like to talk about political issues, about social concerns, things of that nature.  Heck, I’d like to work on lyrics translations of Bon Jovi.  Uh… no, not today.

For the past few days, I had a rather unhealthy preoccupation with old showbiz.  My status message in Facebook began with a bad epiphany: if the name “Lindsay Custodio” still rings a bell, you’re probably old.  True enough, some of my friends responded to the affirmative; hey, we all grew up watching Ang TV. That, and having a good memory of the opening tune of Showbiz Lingo.

The highlight of last week’s jolography (so to speak… not of the jumping form) was Stefano Mori, so much so that I actually changed my Plurk display ID from “Marocharim” to “Stefano Maro.”  Yes, Stefano Mori; one-third of JCS.  While you’ll still hear of John Prats and Carlo Aquino today, you’ve probably forgotten about Camille Prats’ love interest in G-Mik.

If you’re willing to admit your age and stop blaming things on cultural milieu, you very well know that Stefano Mori played “Borj,” Camille Prats played “Roni.”  That tandem, for a time, was the backbone of G-Mik. More than that, Stefano Mori was a mainstay in Mula sa Puso (if my memory serves me right, he was the kid brother of Claudine Baretto), and also played a few anak roles in Maalaala Mo Kaya.

So, whatever happened to Stefano Mori?

Unfortunately, I’m not a showbiz blogger, so I can’t get top scoop.  Like you, I have absolutely no idea where Stefano Mori is.  Googling “Stefano Mori” led to some rather futile results.  I did find a Pinoy Exchange thread… but the latest post in that thread is dated March 8, 2005.  I found another Pinoy Exchange thread with the latest post dated November 15, 2003.  That, for all intents and purposes, is four to six years ago; we’ve seen at least three iterations of a John Lloyd Cruz-Bea Alonzo tandem during that span of time.

I was rather amused, with the second thread in particular, since Camille did end up posing in a very mature way.  Tweetums over, folks; they said the same thing for Anne Curtis back in the days of “Magic Temple.”

After half an hour spent looking for Stefano Mori-related information, I’ve come to the conclusion that the guy has become a footnote to a long list of actors who have “disappeared.”  “Laos” is a bit degrading; after all, people stage comebacks all the time to varying degrees of success (like Gabby Concepcion, Cogie Domingo, and Wowie de Guzman, for example).  For some reason, Stefano was just didn’t cut the mustard.  Apparently, he’s now in Italy or Canada or something.  I’m sure he was talented, but I was more inclined to the Rovic-Eds love team than Roni-Borj.

I don’t like to of Stefano in terms of showbiz afterthoughts a’la Red Sternberg, Dranreb Belleza, or Jovit Moya, but… yeah.  I’m sure that a Stefano Mori comeback will be lukewarm at best, but who are we to say what the mood would be?  Maybe those celebrity notebooks, posters, and showbiz centerfolds featuring Stefano Mori will experience a resurgence.  Maybe – just maybe – if Stefano Mori does make his comeback, he’ll be bigger than Piolo Pascual, Richard Guttierez, and take over the helm of Rogelio dela Rosa.  You never know.

I think it was General Douglas MacArthur who said, “Old soldiers never die; they just fade away.”  For all intents and purposes of paraphrase and/or butchering, old child stars never die.  They just grow up, disappear, and then you wonder what in the hell happened to them.  Like Tom Taus; the novelty of Cedie: Ang Munting Prinsipe wore off when they started selling “Cedie” branded cornick.

Hmmm… should Congress launch an investigation in aid of legislation to find out what happened to Stefano Mori?