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Now for my own personal amusement… hey, what can I do, I’m a sick retarded a-hole.  Yeah, I’m going there.

Last time, I wrote about how we’re mistaken in our search for a Philippine version of US President Barack Obama, and that a lot of our excitement here is out of context.  For the better part of a weekend getting extremely bored, I found my answer.  Well, sort of; at the very least, a hunch of mine is confirmed.

Ia Lucero and Shari Cruz Plurked a certain image that sort of got stuck in my head.  Let’s just call this the transformation of Bush to Obama… Bushama… Obamush… whatever.


Note the transformation of George W. Bush into Barack H. Obama… although yeah, I can’t help but make a reference to one of them “Jesus H. Christ” jokes.  Yet take a very close look at Transformation #4… doesn’t that guy…


Remind you of this guy?

Ah, yes… Monsour del Rosario.  International martial arts superstar, taekwondo guru, institution of the Philippine martial arts film genre alongside Ronnie Rickets and Cynthia Luster.  Monsour del Rosario: the guy who sent a hyphen and a second “s” flying to an other wise senseless word to make the phrase, “kick-ass.”

Well he’s still no Chuck Norris, but you get my point.

In case you’re no longer familiar with Monsour del Rosario, he is that very same guy who starred with Don “The Dragon” Wilson in Blood Fist II, Philip Salvador in Joe Pring II: Kidlat ng Maynila, and played that dude in the ABS-CBN samurai-serye known as Rounin. Many a comparison has been made between Monsour and Jean-Claude Van Damme, but you can think of it this way.

  • Monsour has more acting talent in one roundhouse kick than Van Damme has in all 90 minutes of Bloodsport.
  • Monsour has more martial arts skills in one single cry of “Cha-reyot” than Van Damme has in that abomination called Universal Soldier.
  • Monsour cannot crush a walnut with his butt cheeks, but JCVD did say so in an episode of F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Which makes for a good case of the Belgians still being better than us… sort of.

No, I’m not pulling a stretch here.  Look at those determined eyes, that serious “don’t-cross-me-or-I’ll-kick-your-ass” countenance.  The serious face that does not hide a sense of quick and easy humor.  Besides, they kinda look alike.  Yet as we know, roundhouse kicks aren’t requirements for Presidential contention.  So is height, but gah, you get the point.

I’m not saying that I’m going to campaign for Monsour del Rosario’s Presidential bid in 2010 if all this country is looking is for a Philippine Obama… but…

But… wait a sec.  Hmmm…

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    • Coco
    • January 28, 2009

    HAHAHA. I dunno what it is you have against Monsour. 😛

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